Here’s a useful little tool: – the Internet clipboard With you can copy and paste between computers. Just enter in any URL that starts with (example: and post. Then from any other computer enter the same URL and copy.

Michigan to require “online courses” for high school graduation

A number of sources are reporting that the State of Michigan in the US is requiring students to spend some time learning online.  "Schools and teachers have two general options to meet this requirements: develop entire online courses, or add online components to all of the state’s required high school coursework. With the bill signed […]

Video to Flash tools

In response to my post about (on 19 April) I was asked to post some other tools that convert video to the Flash format, so here are a few: Flash Professional 8 – the most control for creating and customizing Flash Video – from Macromedia Flash Video Studio – this is a very easy […]

Rapid e-learnng at Malvern

I am often asked what rapid e-learning is and what it means to an organisation. This case study in this month’s Learning Circuits e-zine is a good example of how it works – for sales force training  – or rather keeping the sales up to date with new products – requires a much quicker and […]


I’m in San Francisco at the moment – where they have just commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Great Shake of 1906 – so was intrigued by this online educational resource at the Exploratorium about earthquakes. Faultline Seismic Center at the Epicenter

Future Directions in eLearning Research Report 2006

This is the second annual report on the subject of future directions in e-Learning. As they did last year, the eLearning Guild Research Committee asked Guild members to take a close look at the e-Learning programs and initiatives in their organizations and report on what they expect to see in these activities in the next […]

Fifty ways to take notes

Brian Benzinger, at Solution Watch, started thinking about all the services he’d used for taking notes and thought it would be a good idea to share them. Fifty ways to take notes His comprehensive list is categorised as follows: Quick Public Pages BAsic Note taking Development Online documents Voice recording Start Pages Online Databases There […]

"Learn Italian when and where is most convenient for you with free podcasts. Published every Monday and Thursday. This is another example of using iPods for learning purposes (see my post of 18 April) – and language learning is, of course, an ideal subject area for podcasting, which is about hearing the language itself […] is a new service that according to Robin Good "breaks fascinating new ground in making video content more accessible and commentable by everyone". Techcrunch points out that "it hasn’t launched yet, but it does have a good demo site up that shows what the main functionality will include: the ability for the creator […]

Another example of use of iPods for distance learning

Here is yet another example of a college that is using video iPods to provide distance learning, from a news report by Brian Bethel in on 14 April 2006 ACU’s next new thing: Downloadable university The use of iPods in education (in particularly) seems to be really taking off, and this is clearly due […]