Seek-Sense-Share Mini Online Workshop

The first mini online workshop at the Connected Knowledge Lab takes place from 8-19 July and is led by Harold Jarche.

This mini online workshop will help you understand the Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) framework as a model for taking control of your professional development.

Although we refer to these events as “workshops” they are not traditional, formal online courses –  and you can find out how they run here.

There will also be a web meeting on Wednesday 10 July 2013 for those participating in the workshop, where you can talk with Harold and others participating in the workshop.

To join the online workshop you can sign up for 1 month’s membership of the Connected Knowledge Lab for just £25, or else take out a 6 month or annual subscription so that you can take part in any of the monthly workshop running, as well as access our growing resource area and join in all the  conversations in our CKL Community.

Find out more how to become a member and participate in the Seek-Sense-Share workshop.

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