2 free copies of Flat Army go to …

Earlier in April, I posted that I was giving away two free copies of Dan Pontefract’s book, Flat Army, and I invited readers to try and win a copy by saying what new tool they thought might help their own L&D Department become more connected as a team, and why.

There were some great entries, and I found it very difficult to choose between them, so I drafted Dan in to help. But here now are the two winners ..

Stephen Lowe, who said

“I would like to put forward Blitz “Ideas into Action” which can be found at http://www.letsblitz.com/ This ideation tool embodies everything that is great about social learning and “flat army” ideology. It is a method that you could use nearly as well face to face using sticky notes. But if you are connected, then it has the power to pull together ideas and hone them into actions for a geographically distributed and discipline-disparate team. This is the meeting space of the future. No more sequential plod through a paper agenda just to move half the items to next time. So how is this a tool of the training department? I believe the modern training team should be showing not telling. Let the modern trainer introduce Blitz to any team and stand back and say, “See?” Note: Hey! Don’t think you need to train them in it. They’ll figure it out just fine for themselves!”

We felt that Blitz was a perfect example of Flat Army in action.

Jamie Good who said

“I would suggest that Pearltrees would be a great tool to connect an L&D department, and help them learn and become more efficient in their content curation and sharing. It is desktop and mobile, the Pearler bookmarklet allows for ease of storing useful content, and the team can create pearltrees specific to their department, topics, projects, etc that can be accessed, added to and shared by all. (If privacy is needed, a premium account allows for that.) My favourite feature, that isn’t part of Evernote, is that when you ‘pearl’ -store- items and links, they can automatically be tweeted and posted on FB for you w/out an extra click, and this can be spaced out during the day rather than happening all at once, if you happen, like I do, to search for content in time blocks. I think it’s a wonderful collaboration tool and a place where an L&D team can create a go-to place for staff learning and development along with resources needed to create excellent training. (btw, I don’t work for PT, just a big fan!)”

We thought that Pearltrees was a great example of how to enable and support easy collaboration between the members of the team.

Honourable mention

I really liked Ryan Tracey‘s entry . Although not “new” and not a “tool” in the same sense as the others, Ryan makes a powerful recommendation for the “mouth”.

“I think the mouth will help my own L&D Department become more connected as a team. Conversations are so powerful, yet the office environment conspires against them.”

3 thoughts on “2 free copies of Flat Army go to …

  1. Dan Pontefract

    Congratulations Stephen and Jamie.

    And for an ‘honourable mention”, Ryan … you get one too!

    That’s ‘Flat Army’ in action. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for your incredible suggestions and insight. That too is ‘social learning’ in action. (or Pervasive Learning, if you’re a Flat Army leader)

    cheers Jane.

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