How can L&D departments best serve their organisations?

question-mark-96286_640Simple! Ask the people themselves!

I was doing some research for my upcoming book, The Workplace Learning Revolution, when I came across a discussion thread on the Programmers Stack Exchange.

Here I found a question from someone who explained he was not an engineer, but “just someone who works with them full-time, in a learning and development capacity“.  The question he asked was:

“Given that, one of the comments I get regularly from the engineers I’m tasked with developing is that they feel that they’re having solutions (both technical and non-technical) for development “pushed” at them vs. anyone from my field consulting with them to determine what they really need. So my question is – if you could give your company a list of the top 3-5 things they could do – in a classroom, or elsewhere – to develop meaningful skills that would help you be a better engineer, a better employee, and one more likely to STAY with the company for the long haul, what would make the cut and why?”

What a great question, and as you can see, there were some great responses too.

Have you asked the same question of your people – how you can best serve them? You might be inspired by their suggestions.

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