tiny Training: More ID in 140 characters #140id

My previous post about Instructional Design in 140 characters generated a lot of interest, so I thought I’d tell you about a project I set up  in 2010 to explore the use of Twitter to provide daily “tiny facts”.

I created the Twitter account, @140university and in the first part of the project I provided daily tweets (in a number of different categories) which contained a fact PLUS a link to a resource to find out more. This allowed me to provide extended training/teaching content. Here are couple of tweets from 140 University:

I then introduced a quiz day on the Saturday of each week and explained in a tweet how it would work:

On Saturdays I then tweeted a question, for example.

On the Sunday I then tweeted the answer:

and also announced the winner

After @140University’s summer vacation in 2010, I decided to use the quiz format every day, to encourage enquiry-based learning. For example:

and then

and of course the winner

As for the practicalities of achieving all this, note that I scheduled the daily tweets for the week in advance (using Hootsuite at that time) although I did have to create the “winning tweet” every day

Note: I also set up a 140 University Facebook page which provided another channel for this project. Although I haven’t done any more on this project since the end of 2010, both the Twitter account and Facebook page are still active.


I have written about this project and other educational/training uses of Twitter in different places, but with the new interest in this area, I have decided to collate all these resources for easy reference on my tinyTraining page, where you can find other “tiny training” activities, and also some guidance on how you might put all the elements together to create a more structured “tiny course”.

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