Survey: Are you ready, willing and able to support learning in the new social workplace?

UPDATE: Survey now includes “None of the above” options

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about how I believed that as social businesses emerge, and new social and collaboration platforms (or social intranets) are introduced into enterprises, L&D will have an extended role in the organisation in order to support the new community and collaboration skills that will be required to underpin a successul social business initiative. (In the diagram on the right I show 5 key types of activity across the Social Workplace Learning Continuum that I think that will need to be supported.)

In other words, that it won’t be just about organizing and managing formal structured learning events (Social Training) but also about encouraging and supporting Social Collaboration in the workflow.

And furthermore that by “supporting social collaboration” I don’t mean just training people  how to use the new social software NOR designing “community solutions” for them, but encouraging them to self-organise and helping them to acquire these new community and collaboraton skills  by modelling the new social and collaborative behaviours that will be required. In this way, then Social Collaboration becomes the missing piece of the L&D jigsaw.

But I am curious to know to what extent L&D professionals are ALREADY involved in supporting this range of new activities and/or indeed whether they  are even INTERESTED or WILLING to get involved in them (or whether they prefer to remain focused on training), but if so, to what extent they feel READY  and PREPARED for this new role.

So here’s another of my short surveys. Once again it is anonymous, but your input is very much appreciated. Results will be made available shortly. Many thanks in advance for your contribution. Just click on the “Take Our Survey” link below to launch it in a popup window.

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