Key social learning resources: Part 9 #sociallearning

A nice selection of posts about social learning and social media for learning this week.

1 – In the first article this week, How the web has powered the Web for 20 years, WebWorkerDaily plots the role of Web technologies in business, summarising as follows:

“The net result of all the technological developments outlined above has been to change the very fabric of how we work. We now live in a collaboration economy. To share and communicate information, ideas and innovation has never been easier, or come more naturally to the workforce.

2 –  Frederic Domon also reminds us in Enterprise 2.0 = Learning 2.0, that in organisations, (social) learning and working are actually  one and the same thing.

“Learning is not something that takes place outside of work. Learning and work are in fact part of a single stream; it’s a continuous process, a skill, an ability to act.

3 – In the HBR blog posting, Social media vs knowledge management, Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald,  compare knowledge management and social media:

  • “Knowledge management is what company management tells me I need to know, based on what they think is important.
  • Social media is how my peers show me what they think is important, based on their experience and in a way that I can judge for myself.”
4 –  In Connect, exchange, contribute, Harold Jarche reviews the essential skills required by learning professionals (and others) in the workplace.  One of these skills is Learning:

“Learning professionals can no longer rest on their past accomplishments while the field changes and grows. They should be testing Web 2.0 tools so that they can develop optimal processes to support their organizations. If learning professionals are not setting the example of learning online, who is?

The example of putting your own learning process out in public or on your intranet shows that you are willing to learn from others. As new tools are introduced, learning professionals should be early adopters, leading the way in testing them out. We are in an age of “walking the talk”.”

4 – Finally this week, Stephen Downes recently shared this presentation on Slideshare, Social network technologies for learning.

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