August 2011 Review

Meteorologically speaking, Autumn begins today here in the UK – the summer has passed all too quickly.  Although manypeople were away on holiday in August, it was still a very busy month online and I saved nearly 50 articles and resources in my August Reading List.  But here are my 5 picks for August:

  1. Managing learning: feel the need to manage learning, Charles Jennings, presentation to elearning network, July 2011
  2. For the plugged-in, too many choices, Stephanie Rosenbloom, New York Times, 10 August 2011
  3. How social learning is like gravity, Dennis Callahan, Learnstreaming, 13 August 2011
  4. Backchannel learning in an organizational setting, David Kelly, eLearn magazine, August 2011
  5. Beware the “M” word in communities, Nic Laycock, 19 August 2011
By the way, during August I changed the design of my C4LPT website – hope you find it more easily searchable, navigable and user-friendly.