Time to move on …


The discussion around this summer’s Epic Debate hotted up over the weekend.

As Clive Shepherd, who is speaking against the motion points out in his latest blog posting, Give Cruella a chance, the motion has been written in an obscure way in order to provoke such debate. For me, the debate hangs on the interpretation of just a few key words in the motion.

Regardless of that, it is quite clear that both Clive and I agree that the role of the L&D department needs to evolve.  Since this is the main thrust of my argument in the debate, I think it is time for us all to stop arguing over semantics, and instead focus on how we can help L&D move forward in helping people and organisations learn.

I think it is going to be an exciting future for all of us – including consultants and product vendors – where we can now support learning (formal, informal, social, mobile, etc) in very different ways.

My future blog posts will now focus on how we can do just that.