Learning Tools Directory 2011

I’ve just spent the last few days overhauling the Learning  Tools Directory.  Over the last year there has been quite a lot of change one way or another in terms of tools.

Some tools have disappeared or died (eg gnolia), others have been acquired (eg Dimdim), some have changed their name (eg twine to evri), and some have changed focus and no longer offer what they once did.

In terms of pricing, others have changed their pricing models, with some now only providing a “lite” version for free with pricing plans for more functionality, whereas others are offering free, open source versions – notably a couple of the LMS vendors.

Others have gone from strength to strength, building on their functionality and sophistication. Many have become much more social, e.g. with links to Twitter, Facebook or using their own social features.

So I’ve just rebuilt this year’s Directory – which still lists well over 2,00o tools.  I’ve kept the same structure – with the main 12 categories, but I’ve reorganised the items by sub-category (rather than alphabetically) this time, to make it easier to find tools.  However, as some tools do fall into a number of categories, I’ve also added links across the  Directory to help users find similar, related tools.

Take a look at the 2011 Learning Tools Directory here …  and if you want to recommend any tool/s, just add them in the Comments of the relevant page/s and I’ll add them in.

3 thoughts on “Learning Tools Directory 2011

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  2. Kathleen Zarubin

    Hi Jane – such a great resource! Thank you! 2 suggestions .. (if you have the ‘time’ and inclination )

    1. Maybe a comment from you (like .. “I use it” etc – IF that doesn’t seem too much like ‘recomendations’. It is just that sometimes you look at ALL the options and think .. “well which of these should I try first’ – BUT the way you have also noted ‘top 100s’ is great!)

    2. Maybe also just a straight A – Z list – linked to the groupings … Sometimes you ‘hear’ a tool name .. and want to check out other ones which do the same thing? (but I guess you could always google it first to see what it does 🙂

    Again a great resource and thank you for making it freely available to all.

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