Technology changes Everything


In probably the most powerful indictment of current e-learning practices that I have ever read, Ethan Edwards asks Why Do We Continue to Perpetuate and Promote Ineffective E-Learning? He explains that in his contact with instructional designers, he has noticed that … Following tradition, doing what is recommended by many authoring tools, and patterning one’s work after […]

Must reads from June 2014


Here is my choice of MUST READs  from the posts, articles and videos I tweeted in June. These are the ones that stopped me in my tracks, made me think or inspired me. Find the others in my 2014 Reading List. Do you want transformation or tinkering?, Euan Semple (5 June 2014) writes “In the face of this pain tinkering […]

4 Models of Social Workplace Learning

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Workplace Learning has traditionally been all about the “authoritative voice”, that is it has been about experts telling employees what they need to know, and training them in the skills they need to have to do their jobs. The whole concept of “social learning” – of employees learning from one another through knowledge sharing - is frequently viewed as anathema […]