#C2Xmas Day 10 – Daily Lit

Day 10 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here  15 minutes of fiction every day It’s easy to set up. Just pick your book and what time of day you want your instalments delivered and you’re set. Don’t want to carry Anna Karenina on the train? DailyLit sends you just enough for your morning commute […]

#C2Xmas Day 9 – Learn to Draw

Day 9 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here  Do you want to learn how to draw? Now you can online – for FREE! Learn how to draw like an artist – from a professional artist. Begin by learning the fundamentals of drawing like shading with easy to follow interactive instruction. Learn how to draw people, both their faces and bodies. Take drawing […]

#C2Xmas Day 8 – A Google a Day

Day 8 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here  Google asks a question. You find the answer.  Put your search skills and Google’s tools to use.  There’s no right way to solve it, but there’s only one right answer   A GOOGLE A DAY

#C2Xmas Day 7 – Chef2Chef Online Cooking Class

Day 7 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here  Written by professional chefs, each lesson features up-to-date culinary tips and advice, not to mention tasty recipes. Topics include basic cooking techniques, seafood, meat and vegetable preparation, wine, and more. To get started, choose a culinary topic. Each week-long series features 5 manageable daily lessons. Each […]

#C2Xmas Day 6 – Histography

Day 6 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here Histography: Where every dot is an historical event – plotted along a timeline http://histography.io Interactive timelines are always fun to use. Nowadays there are lots of tools to help create your own.  Do you have any to share?

#C2Xmas: Day 5 – Periodic videos

Day 5 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here  Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century – but this modern version has a short video about each one http://www.periodicvideos.com Can you update an old training artefact with videos?

#C2Xmas Day 3 – Learn Free Magic Tricks

Day 3 of my Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas continues here Here’s one that might be useful for the holiday period to entertain the family. FREE CARD MAGIC TRICKS “Card conjuring sleights explained, revealing easy illusion secrets with many free card magician video tutorials. Discover how to do the incredible Card Levitation Trick as well as amazing […]

#C2Xmas Day 2 – Samuel Pepys Diary

Day 2 of my Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas continues here Samuel Pepys lived in London in the 17th century and is most famous for the diary he kept for a decade as a young man which is considered to be one of the most important sources about the English Restoration period. THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS This site […]

#C2Xmas Day 1 – The Blood Typing Game

It’s 1st December so I am going to start the Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas here. Just like an online advent calendar, I’ll offer a daily treat – in the form of a free learning resource – to take us up to Xmas Eve. Today we’ll start off with The Blood Typing Game, one my favourites! What happens […]