#C2Xmas Day 20 – Introduction to Leadership (mobile course)

Day 20 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here – a daily treat in the form of a learning resource Qualt offers free mobile courses in internationally recognised professional qualifications. Anytime, anywhere. The Introduction to Leadership mobile course provides an introduction to the role of a leader in business and …

#C2Xmas Day 19 – How the Market works

Day 19 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here HowTheMarketWorks is the #1 FREE, real-time, streaming stock market game that is used by over 350,000 individuals and 10,000 high school and middle school classes each year. YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL VIRTUAL STOCK EXCHANGE The simulator performs like a real brokerage …

#C2Xmas Day 18 – Chesscademy

Day 19 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here Learn to play chess – Watch videos, solve puzzles, and play games. All for free. Learn – Train – Play CHESSCADEMY

#C2Xmas Day 16 – DNA from the beginning

Day 16 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here An animated primer of 75 experiments that made modern genetics DNA FROM THE BEGINNING The science behind each concept is explained by: animation, image gallery, video interviews, problem, biographies, and links.

#C2Xmas Day 15 – Good Typing

Day 15 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here Want to learn to touch type – that’s typing using all your fingers? Try this free online typing course! GOOD TYPING

#C2Xmas Day 14 – Daily French Pod

Day 14 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here DailyFrenchPod is an amazing new way to learn French, combining daily podcast, variety of learning tools, and a large community of students & experts to practice with DAILY FRENCH POD A little bit of daily learning adds up over time!

#C2Xmas Day 13 – Leonardo’s Notebook

Day 13 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here … This notebook of Leonardo da Vinci is known today as the Codex Arundel. It is not a bound volume, but was put together after his death from his loose papers of various types and sizes Read (and/or listen to) pages …

#C2Xmas Day 12 – Learn to dance online

Day 12 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here  Who says you can’t lean a skill online?!? Learn to dance – ballroom, latin, ballet, tap – even belly dancing – with these videos. LEARN TO DANCE ONLINE What skill have you learned online??

#C2Xmas Day 11 – Random Wiki Page

Day 11 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here. For serendipitous browsing and learning, try this link which will automatically (and randomly) take you to any page on Wikipedia. RANDOM WIKI PAGE Learn something new every day – without really trying!