2006 Webby Awards

The 2006 Webby Awards – The Best of the Web – were made yesterday, 9 May 2006. The winner of the Education award was Can I have a word from the UK. Other significant awards include: Breakout of the Year – MySpace.com Webby Person of the Year – Thomas Friedman (of The World is Flat […]

News University

News University is the e-learning home of more than 14,000 journalists, educators and students. Since their launch a year ago, NewsU has helped journalists around the world LEARN, EXPLORE and SHARE. Read the White Paper that examines the dramatic growth of News University and how it is meeting the needs of journalists around the world


iGlance is a nice little app that I picked up form Robin Good’s Sharewood Picnic this week iGlance It says: "iGlance is a tiny program for talking and sharing over the internet. Lots of programs make phone calls over the internet, but only iGlance has push-to-talk, video presence, integrated screen and window sharing, and is […]

Web 2.0 2006 Conference

Are you interested in Web 2.0? The 2006 Web 2.0 Conference will be taking place November 7-9, 2006 at the Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Registration for the 2006 Web 2.0 Conference will be by invitation only. You are encouraged to request an invitation here. Web 2.0 Conference

OnPoint Digital

Here are the details of a product recently submitted to me at the e-Learning Centre "OnPoint Digital is an technology software/services provider dedicated to the development of powerful yet affordably priced online learning and performance management tools for middle market and enterprise customers (300-30K employees). OnPoint’s products include a full-featured LMS/LCMS to create/manage courseware, online […]


Skype is launching a new service – Skypecasts. "Skypecasts enable people to discuss shared interests — anything from classic cars and cooking, to home design and computer support. Skypecasts are moderated by the ‘host’ who is able to mute, eject or pass the virtual microphone to participants when they wish to speak. Hosting or participating […]


Spotback describes itself as "a new breed of personalized news service. It is designed to quickly learn each user’s fields of interest and style by analyzing how users rate and interact with news information. It then offers users the most interesting, relevant and hard to filter news information personally tailored to their taste" It goes […]

The next wave of innovation is collaboration

Cisco’s CEO, JOhn Chambers was the keynote speaker at Interop in Las Vegas, yesterday. He said "the next wave of innovation will be driven by user needs to collaborate in real time over IP networks" To hear more, download the podcast at PodTech.network.

Open Week at the New Curiosity Shop

"This Virtual Open Week is a great opportunity for potential learners to get a taste for online learning, and find out how much fun it can be – it will be a chance to show that online learning can be as sociable an experience as any kind of learning. "As part of Adult Learners’ Week […]