Learning Futures 2006

Elliot Masie’s conferences are always very popular and very well attended in the US.  This is one he’s running in Ireland Learning Futures 2006 "Learning Futures 2006 is 100% dedicated to the future of organizational learning in a changing global context. Come to Dublin, Ireland to engage in two full …

MoGo Mouse

Here’s a nifty little piece of hardware, I came across on Yahoo’s Daily Wire MoGo Mouse This is a palm-sized mouse now available, which delivers "true Bluetooth wireless operability to the on-the-go user"


Here’s a lower cost online meeting tool that supports sharing of presentations. teamslide teamslide is offered with a single-user, five-user and ten-user license. Who needs a license? Only you, the presenter. Each presenter can upload an unlimited number of slidesets and switch between them.

Honda community grows rapidly on brand blog network

I received this interesting press release yesterday about Honda’s blogging community: "Honda’s controversial decision to sponsor a blog community for its brand through independent network 2TalkAbout.com, appears to have been vindicated. In less than two months since the blog was launched, a vibrant Community of Honda owners and other car …

BBC revamps Web site

When I heard the news that the BBC was revamping its website because "it is in danger of losing the interest of the young generation unless it develops a new breed of personalised and on-demand programming", it made me think how learning departments should be thinking the same thing about …


Just spotted this new tool on Robin Good’s website, which he calls " an innovative communication, promotion, community-building and content distribution service which has lots of potential going for it".  Stickam – "the all-in-one communication tool" Check it out


Here’s a useful little tool: cl1p.net – the Internet clipboard With cl1p.net you can copy and paste between computers. Just enter in any URL that starts with http://cl1p.net (example: http://cl1p.net/chronography/) and post. Then from any other computer enter the same URL and copy.

Michigan to require “online courses” for high school graduation

A number of sources are reporting that the State of Michigan in the US is requiring students to spend some time learning online.  "Schools and teachers have two general options to meet this requirements: develop entire online courses, or add online components to all of the state’s required high school …

Video to Flash tools

In response to my post about Click.tv (on 19 April) I was asked to post some other tools that convert video to the Flash format, so here are a few: Flash Professional 8 – the most control for creating and customizing Flash Video – from Macromedia Flash Video Studio – …

Rapid e-learnng at Malvern

I am often asked what rapid e-learning is and what it means to an organisation. This case study in this month’s Learning Circuits e-zine is a good example of how it works – for sales force training  – or rather keeping the sales up to date with new products – …