"SightSpeed, Inc. is the leading provider of free and premium Internet video and voice communications services (VVoIP and VoIP). The SightSpeed community and software enable consumers and small businesses to make the best quality video and voice calls and to send video mail over the Internet. SightSpeed’s award winning service …

Instant Presenter

Instant Presenter "State-of-the-art web conferencing tools at a price unmatched by the competition. InstantPresenter offers live video and audio web conferencing and webcasting tools with advanced features such as PowerPointâ„¢ support, live presentation recording and archiving, live polling, screen and desktop sharing, attendance tracking and monitoring, security and much more." …

Teachers Pay Teachers

TEACHERS pay TEACHERS.COM! is "the world’s first marketplace, launched in April of 2006, where smart educators can buy and sell original course materials. The time has finally arrived for the power of the internet to meet the power of our best educational minds

Google Account

Google Account has just launched. "With Google Checkoutâ„¢ you can quickly and easily buy from stores across the web and track all your orders and shipping in one place."


"Say hello to the first high-fidelity iPod recorder with a removable microphone. MicroMemo plugs right into your iPod’s Dock connector to capture memos, meetings, lectures, or any audio content directly into your iPod. A flexible, detachable mic captures audio, or you can use any other input device with a 3.5mm-plug. …

Social software and learning

Social software and learning "This paper is focused on exploring the inter-relationship between two key trends in the field of educational technologies." From FutureLab.

Penny Illustrated Paper

Published from 1861 to 1913, it contains news of everday life in Britain and across the Empire.Search the complete run of the Penny Illustrated Paper. Published from 1861 to 1913, it contains news of everday life in Britain and across the Empire.