Games and Learning

Digital games have the potential to bring play back to the learning experience Games and Learning, By Diana Oblinger, Educause Quarterly, Vol 29, No 3 2006 "From a very early age, we learn from games and play. Cops-and-robbers or playing house are role simulations. Parents and preschool teachers use games to teach colors, numbers, names, […]

Course and courseware fading – the future of e-learning

From the 6  August posting in Tony Karrer’s e-Learning Technology blog "Two very good recent posts by Jay Cross and Brent Schlenker discuss the Death of Courses. If you read my blog you know that I’ve discussed similar themes (see Shift in eLearning from Pure Courseware towards Reference Hybrids and Start with Courseware or With […]

Skype Office toolbar

Place calls and send the file you are currently working on via Skype. The toolbar recognizes phone numbers within your document and lets you call them using SkypeOut or send SMS messages. Skype Office Toolbar

Chat’N Search

Adding chat to your site is very easy.  Just follow the four easy steps and cut-n-paste the Javascript code to your site or blog.  Most of the chat tools simply connect you and your website visitors, but with this tool, anyone looking for similar content at Chat’N Search  will also be automatically invited to join […]

How the web went world wide

Along with that familiarity with browsers and bookmarks goes a little knowledge about the web’s history.  Many users know that Sir Tim Berners-Lee developed the web at the Cern physics laboratory near Geneva .  But few will know the details of the world wide web’s growth – not least because the definitive history of how […]


PeerMe is a simple program which allows you to talk to anyone anywhere in the world absolutely free of charge. Follow these 4 easy steps and and you’ll be gabbing away to your hearts content.  Download PeerMe Register for a PeerMe username Add a contact to your contacts list Highlight a name and click the […]


"Eons is a company inspiring a generation of boomers and elders to live the biggest life possible. Set goals, celebrate life, get things done, learn, connect with other people 50+." Eons Eons is a social networking site for the ovr 50s.


eBrary is an eBook technology and services company dedicated to serving the library, corporate and publishing communities. eBrary The ebrary Dynamic Content Platform (DCP)™ transforms eBooks or any PDF content into highly interactive databases, where every word, in every document, contextually links to additional information automatically through the ebrary Reader™ and InfoTools™

Social network sites face US ban

Children in the US could be banned from using social networking sites in schools and libraries by a new law. The Deleting Online Predators Act tries to limit the access paedophiles have to the networking sites which have become hugely popular with minors. BBC News, 31 July 2006


"Blobber is a unique web service that enables people to see how many other visitors are on a web site and to chat with them or to the site operators, send and receive instant messages and even receive information and alerts directly in the page they are viewing. All in real-time and without the need […]