Enabling and supporting workplace learning on your Enterprise Social Network

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Many organisations have now adopted an Enterprise Social Network like Yammer, Jive, Socialcast of Chatter to underpin collaborative working int he organisation. However, the ESN also offers a big new opportunity for L&D, because by integrating their own learning initiatives in the very same platform that is being used to underpin work processes, they can […]

Moving Beyond E-Learning: The new mindset for Learning in the Modern Workplace


UPDATED 20 October 2014 Learning has long been defined as “knowledge and skills acquired through studying or being taught”. However, as learning animals we can’t help but learn! As children we learned instinctively from our parents and from our friends, and in the workplace we now learn from our work colleagues. In fact we learn everyday […]

Informal Learning Research Report


In this new E-Learning Guild Survey Research Report, Informal Learning Takes Off, I examine the results of a survey about informal learning in the workplace.  The results show that there are now many interpretations of the term “informal learning” –  from non-traditional approaches to training to autonomous, unplanned individual and team learning. The main informal learning activities that are taking […]

Guided Social Learning Experience Design (Online Workshop)


Most e-learning design is about gathering a comprehensive set of material, storyboarding the content, developing screens of information and adding in interactivity and quizzes to test understanding. When it comes to formal social learning, there is a need for a quite different design approach. It is not just about “adding in” social interactions or “bolting […]