100 tools that didn’t quite make the 2015 Top 100 Tools for Learning list


As my Christmas gift to you, here are 100 more tools that didn’t quite make the list of 2015 Top 100 Tools for Learning. So these are Tools 101-200. Click on the parcel below to view them  in ALPHABETICAL order.

2016 L&D Challenge


CHALLENGE RUNS 1 FEBRUARY – 13 MAY 2016 Workplace Learning is changing! It is largely being shaped by the way we learn and interact on the Web. But it’s not just about understanding the new technologies that are available, it’s as much about recognizing that we need to think differently about how we enable and support learning […]

The updated C4LPT Directory of Learning & Performance Tools & Services

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.17.04

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) Directory of Learning & Performance Tools has been completely updated and revised, and each tool now has its own entry. It also includes new Like buttons for you to rate the tools and platforms listed. It has also been expanded to include a Services category – for both […]

November in Review: Disruption


This month started with the sad news of the passing of Jay Cross, and since that time there have been many tributes to him. Ravi Pratap Singh, however, showed his appreciation by listing 20 Awesome Quotes From Jay Cross, which included this one … “The world is changing so fast that staying in one’s comfort zone […]

Everyday Workplace Learning: A Quick Guide (Slideset)

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Last week, I was the Opening Keynote speaker at the Elearning Guild’s Online Forum: Collaborative, Social and Informal Learning: Where do Learning Professionals Fit In. I started by paying a tribute to Jay Cross, who many of you know died in early November. Jay was a close colleague and friend, but he is probably best remembered […]

The Uberfication of Workplace Learning


I wanted to thank all of you who responded so positively to my post on The L&D world is splitting in two  – either publicly or privately – to tell me about what you are doing to bring about fundamental change in your own L&D departments. It was particularly encouraging to read that a lot of […]

How to become a Community Manager (online workshop)


Setting up and running an online community takes time and effort. In this online workshop we look at how to support the planning, launch and running of an online community.   Agenda This 4-week online workshop covers the following topics: Planning the community Launching the community Encouraging engagement Measuring success About this online workshop This […]

Learning in the Modern Workplace is more than training or e-learning


I think I have now pinned down the main reason why some people could not understand the points I was making in my post, The L&D world is splitting in two. It’s because Traditionalists see LEARNING purely as something to be designed, delivered and managed – in the form of some classroom training or e-learning – and […]

Crossing the Mindset Chasm


The responses to my last post, The L&D World is splitting in two – whether left on my blog or on Twitter – have been enlightening! Those who agreed with it have been very encouraging. For example this comment came from Andy Tedd .. “Hopefully this post signals a start to a large section of the industry realising […]