Curating & coordinating learning opportunities for the workplace


Next public online workshop runs: 6 JUNE – 1 JULY 2016 It is no longer necessary or even possible to create everything your people need, so this 4-week online workshop considers a number of different ways to provide a wider set of learning opportunities in the workplace – through curation and coordination of internal and […]

50+ things you think if you have an old workplace learning mindset


The difference between those organisations who are really moving ahead in the new world of workplace learning and doing things differently and those who are just tinkering with the traditional workplace training model is a new mindset. Here are 50+ things you think if you have an old workplace learning mindset compiled by my colleagues in the […]

L&D in the Modern Workplace Challenge starts Monday 30 May


This is just a reminder that the next L&D in the Modern Workplace Challenge takes place over 12 weeks from 30 May – 19 August. This Challenge consists of 12 Activities (some of which contain more than one task). Part A is designed for you to experience a range of different learning approaches, so that […]

Online Community Management (Workshop)


Next public online workshop runs: 30 MAY – 24 JUNE Setting up and running an online community takes time and effort. In this online workshop we look at how to support the planning, launch and running of an online community. Agenda This 4-week online workshop covers the following topics: Planning the community Launching the community […]

The Future of Work and Learning 2: Chatbots


In my previous post I looked at how I believe Professional Ecosystems are the future of work and learning, and how organisations (and L&D) might support them.  In this post I want to look at how individuals might make use of chatbots to build smart Professional Ecosystems, and how organisations might use them to provide intelligent […]

The Future of Work and Learning 1: The Professional Ecosystem


“Each of us is the center of the universe. So is everyone else.” e e cummings In my previous post I looked at the individual’s perspective of workplace learning and included a graphic showing how individuals learn at and for work in 10 main ways. Essentially, I was describing a Professional Ecosystem (PES) – a set of organisational and personal, interconnecting […]

Workplace Learning: The Individual’s Perspective

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 08.51.12

A few weeks ago I published a series of posts that looked at how we learn at work and how to support these different ways of learning. This was a very L&D-centric view of workplace learning, with training at the centre and the outer – and larger – concentric circles containing the other ways of learning at and for work. In […]

“Never get sucked into the ‘company knows best’ approach to your career”


The quote in the title of this blog post comes from my favourite post in April 2016, When it comes to career. it’s up to every individual to stay relevant (Talent Management and HR, 25 April). Here’s a longer quote from that article. “The workplace of today is changing, and workers’ skill sets must keep pace […]

The difference between social learning and social collaboration

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First published 25 March 2015 In my framework of Modern Workplace Learning (see diagram on right)  I use the term social collaboration to label an important new element of work of the modern-day L&D department. I deliberately chose not to label it social learning. So what is the difference – or rather connection – between these two terms? Social learning, […]

20 ways to prepare yourself for modern workplace learning


Listed below (in the right hand column) are 20 things that you, as a learning professional, will need to have done PERSONALLY in order to be adequately prepared to support new approaches to workplace learning in your organisation PROFESSIONALLY (as shown on the right-hand side). How many can you check off? If it’s not more than a handful, then […]