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Social Learning in Business: Online Workshop

This workshop runs 1-31 March 2013 at the Social Learning Centre, and is led by Harold Jarche The workshop will look at ways to enhance social learning, or people learning together while working. The Agenda will include an optional introductory webinar and cover four key areas: Social learning: The lubricant for social business Narrating your […]

PKM and Online Communities Workshops

Here are the details of two upcoming workshops and one free webinar at the Social Learning Centre. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) Workshop 21 January – 15 February 2013 Led by Harold Jarche Keeping track of digital information flows and separating the signal from the noise is difficult. There is little time to make sense of […]

Social Media for Professional Development: Workshop and Webinar

Workshop runs 1 – 31 October 2012 Led by Jane Hart In this online workshop at the Social Learning Centre, we will be looking at how to use a number of different social media tools for your own professional development purposes. This online workshop is suitable for those working both in workplace learning as well […]

Online Workshops in May and June at the Social Learning Centre

In May and June, Harold Jarche and I will be running another series of our popular public online workshops at the Social Learning Centre. These take place over a 2-week period and involve 5-6 web-based assignments, some individual activities, as well as conversations and discussions with other participants. Your time commitment is about 1 hour […]