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Introducing Share&Learn

I recently launched Share&Learn – a new collaboration platform where members can share links, resources, ideas, experiences, tips, etc about the use of learning and performance trends, technologies and tools, in order to learn from one another – both informally and formally.  Anyone can become a member! What makes Share&Learn different? Well, Share&Learn is fundamentally a […]

Internet Buttons – help get people online

I’ve just received an email about Internet Buttons, as follows “Currently, 9.2 million people are digitally excluded in the UK, of which 6.4 million are over the age of 65. Yet 75% of those excluded know someone who could help get them online. Designed to get this audience onto and into the Internet in the […]

Summify – the answer to information overload?

Information overload? No – it’s a case of filter failure, said Clay Shirky.  So is Summify, which has just launched, a possible solution? Summify is a service that creates a periodic summary of the most relevant news stories, from all of your social networks, and delivers it by email and on the web. “Summify distills the social […]

Cisco releases Jabber

Cisco has just released Cisco Jabber “a unified communications application that brings together presence, instant messaging (IM), voice and video, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing into a single consistent experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones. Jabber provides a simple way for business workers to easily and securely find the right people, to […]

Skype in the Classroom

Skype in the classroom is a free online directory for teachers everywhere who want to use Skype to bring education to life. Skype in the classroom brings together a community of people and information to save teachers time and help them make the most of Skype and the international teaching community. Teachers create a profile […]

Zipcast from Slideshare

Wow!  Slideshare has just released Zipcast for 1-click meetings (public or private) on the Web – and it’s very simple! Click Zipcast on any presentation Select Public or Private Start Zipcast & enable live video Invite friends on Facebook & Twitter Your Zipcast is ON Find out more at

SimplyBox – the future of organizational collaboration?

When I was updating the Directory of Learning Tools for 2011, I reviewed each and everyone of the 2,000+ tools in the list.  But there was one tool that jumped out at me as being importantly different:  SimplyBox – described as “the only decentralized and contextual enterprise communication solution” . There are a number  of […]

Learning Tools Directory 2011

I’ve just spent the last few days overhauling the Learning  Tools Directory.  Over the last year there has been quite a lot of change one way or another in terms of tools. Some tools have disappeared or died (eg gnolia), others have been acquired (eg Dimdim), some have changed their name (eg twine to evri), […]

Prezi for your iPad

Do you like Prezi?  Have you got an iPad? Prezi is a popular tool presentation that ranked #12 on our Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010, and now Prezi for iPad has been released. “With the new Prezi app, you can easily show prezis wherever your ideas take you. Instead of clicking on buttons, you can […]

Walk the Net

A web walk takes you step by step towards understanding and mastery of a topic. There are three kinds of steps: exploration steps reflection steps and action steps. You can set a step as complete. At the end, when you have completed all required steps, you earn a badge. Take a look at Walkthe.Net