Vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014

The 8th Annual Survey is now open to find the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014

A learning tool is defined as any software or online tool or service that you use either for your own personal or professional learning, for teaching or training, or for creating e-learning solutions.

This annual list of learning tools [...]

Learning the New: Learning to Survive and Thrive in the Networked Age (Workshop)

Public online workshop runs: 5 May – 6 June 2014

About the Workshop

The Networked Age demands a new set of learning skills and tools.

In this fast moving age, it is no longer just about acquiring existing knowledge and skills in formal courses but “learning the new” – that is continuously discovering new ideas, [...]

Informal Learning in the Workplace Survey

I am working with the E-Learning Guild on a research project about the current state of informal learning in the workplace.

What types of informal learning are going on inside your organization?

Please share your insight by completing the Informal Learning in the Workplace survey.

The results of this survey will be analyzed and shared [...]

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 6

A recent artilce shared by The Learning Flow this week was an article by Bill Brandon that suggested Seven Things eLearning Professionals Must Do Now Which do you do already? Take the Survey below.

In a recent Learning Solutions article Bill Brandon suggested 7 things that L&D should do now. Which do you do? [...]

MOOCs, Flipped Classrooms – the last gasp of old corporate training?

It’s a hardhitting headline – and one that I copied from a recent post I found on THE Journal – Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education,

In that article, the authors argue that “personalized instruction, flipped classrooms, video watching, etc., etc. are the last gasps of the old, [...]

Jane’s March bookmarks

The links to resources and articles I tweeted in my @C4LPT and @TheLearningFlow accounts during February 2014 are in my 2014 Reading List.

Not enough time to review them all? Just select those marked MUST READ.

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 5

What skill have you learned – from scratch – completely online?

44 Daily Activities to Enjoy your Work (Infographic)

Infographic crafted with love by Officevibe, the corporate team building and employee engagement platform.

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 4

Have you taken a MOOC? If so what providers have you used?

(5) Integrating the Learning Flow in the Workflow

This is the fifth post in my series about Learning Flows.

In previous posts I have explained

how a Learning Flow is a continuous steady stream of social-micro-learning activities how the three main types of Learning Flow: (a) daily news flow; (2) themed flow and (3) circular flow can be used within education, for professional [...]