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The best of June 2015


This month I’ve chosen just 5 resources from many that I shared on Twitter in June 2015. [Note: If you are not on Twitter and you would like to get email notifications of the links I share, you can subscribe here.] 1 – Performance Matters, or, Guy Walks into a Brain-tumor Clinic – Jane Bozarth reflects on what she […]

Tap into the power of video and animation for learning (online workshop)


Next public online workshop runs: 13 – 31 July “Video is eating the Web”, that’s the conclusion from a recent Cisco study. In just 5 years time, 80 percent of the whole Internet will be online video! So perhaps it’s time to think about moving on from PowerPoint-based (“click-next”) e-learning. This 3-week online workshop looks at a […]

Digital transformation of workplace learning; going beyond “bolt-on”


When it comes to businesses, and the imperative to transition into the modern world, there are many who now say they have a digital strategy in place. But as Dion HInchcliffe points out in “Going beyond “bolt-on” digital transformation” “… “having a digital strategy” can mean just about anything, depending upon who you ask. At this […]

Continuous learning : it’s a mindset not a technology or product


In this fast-moving world, we constantly need to learn new stuff. In the workplace, this is particularly important, as I showed in an earlier blog post, where Jacob Morgan talks of the future employee moving from “knowledge worker” (knowing stuff) to “learning worker” (learning new stuff). So how can organisations support continuous learning at work? It […]