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News from The E-Learning Marketplace

In the few days since The E-Learning Marketplace was launched it has seen a lot of visitors.  The E-Learning Service Providers Register now contains entries in 13 countries.  If you are a freelancer or a company offering e-learning services then you can add an entry for free. If you have a job vacancy you can […]

The E-Learning Marketplace

We frequently receive emails from people asking for help in finding them a job in e-learning as well as from organisations who are looking for help to fill e-learning posts, so we have now launched a new service to help put these people in touch with one another: The E-Learning Marketplace. If you are looking […]


This is a new service due to lauch 1 March 2007, although you can sign up now to be part of the first beta. "Tutorom will be a free site for elearning creation and delivery." Here are some of the services that it offers "Easily create new courses, with new lesson types added often. Wikis, […]


Everyone is talking about this service that launched yesterday, so I am going to do this posting before it becomes old news. SplashCast is "a service that allows you to play dynamically updated channels of content on your web page, blog, or social network page (like MySpace)." "SplashCast enables anyone to create streaming media ‘channels’ […]

E-Learning for Free – Information Service

For many years I have promoted and encouraged the use of free tools, content and other resources for those involved in designing, developing and delivering workplace learning or post-16 education. I am now building an E-Learning for Free Information Service to create a one-stop place to access a variety of free resources not only to […]


BlueTie is an email, calendaring and sharing service that comes in free and pro versions BlueTie Free: Web-based email, calendaring, and file sharing for new and growing businesses. Each account supports up to 20 users with email at addresses. BlueTie Other similar free tools appear in Jane’s Directory of Free E-Learning Tools: Shareable calendars […]


This is a new service I came across recently:  BitWine’s tagline is "Time Commerce made easy". "Get straightforward Advice, Instructional Guidance or a Second Opinion. Talk to real people in real time using webcams" If you want advice or would like to become an advisor, take a look. BitWine

Famundo for Organisations

I’ve just received information about this free new service from Famundo. "Famundo has just announced Famundo for Organizations, a free web-based tool that streamlines the calendar scheduling and communications process between schools, teachers, students and faculty.  Famundo provides a central calendar hub with an easy to read, complete view of everything going on in a […]

Rapid E-Learning Store

Another impressive service from kineo – the Rapid E-Learning Store. "Embarking on a rapid e-learning project? Need help on existing projects? This site provides you with everything you need. From authoring tools to guides; from e-learning templates to training; from temporary staff to low cost hosted learning management and delivery platforms, you’ll find it all […]

Create ebooks on your iPod

Did you know you can store notes to read on your iPod? They’re very readable, but cumbersome to create. So if you go to you can find a web page o make it simple. You can either upload a TEXT file (not a DOC or PDF) or point to a web page. Pick the […]