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Emerging new roles for learning and performance professionals

Over the last week or so I have been posting about how (I think) the workplace learning landscape is changing. For me, the biggest shift is not going to be about moving from creating instructional, formal courses to producing informational (or performance support) resources. That’s obviously a very useful first step, but it’s going to […]

“Learning the new” vs “Learning the old”

For many people the word “learning” is synonymous with studying, lessons, classes, etc – because that is how we have been conditioned to believe how “learning” happens. We think back to how we learned at school with a teacher, who took us through a topic step by step, in a logical way. It was the […]

Why support self-organized learning in the workplace?

I recently shared a diagram of what it might look like to move from a focus on organizing and managing training,  to helping individuals and teams self-organize in the workplace? But why would you want to do this, some have asked? Because that is how today’s Smart Workers (SW) prefer to learn.  So I’ve now annotated my […]

Do we need “career coaches” rather than trainers?

My Internet Time Alliance colleagues and I constantly talk about the need for continuous learning and how we all need to direct and manage our own learning – here’s one of my articles that I wrote in 2007. So I enjoyed the recent article in the Washington Post by Joyce E. A. Russell (that included a […]