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Internet Time Alliance Predictions for 2013

The Principals of the Internet Time Alliance decided to take a collective look ahead to the new year, and share our predictions. You’ll see overlap but also unique perspectives: Charles Jennings An increasing number of organisations, independent of size, nature or location, will acknowledge that their traditional training and development models and processes are failing […]

Some more (social media) predictions for 2010

Following on from my earlier post, here are some more predictions for 2010: Fresh Networks has a posting about 2010: Community Management predictions: "What will community managers be talking about? What legal changes are bubbling away? We asked some fantastic community managers for their 2010 predictions, and if their thinking comes true, 2010 is going […]

Social media predictions for 2010

It's getting close to the end of the year, so the prediction postings have already begun. Joel Postman's posting on Social Media Today (and Socialized) offers the following 5 social media predictions for 2010 – briefly listed below – but read the posting for more detail: Augmented Reality Applications Will Start to Go Mainstream Location-Based […]