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Key social learning resources: Part 4

This article first appeared on TrainingZone on 25th September 2011 This is the fourth and final instalment of my weekly articles curating key social learning resources for TrainingZone’s social learning month. 1. This week we start with a posting by Mark Britz, Nature finds a way. In this article Mark shows how organisations sometimes intentionally, […]

Quiz: Have you got the New Workplace Learning mindset?

Following my recent posting, Social learning is not a new training trend, I’ve had a few comments from readers that suggest they were not able to see the difference between the two workplace learning approaches I described –  in particular the difference in the “mindset” involved. It seems to me that there are 5 key […]

Social learning in action at #elnil

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of chairing the eLearning network’s first regional event in Bristol.  The topic was Making the most of informal learning. During the morning and the first part of the afternoon, we listened to 4 speakers with interesting informal learning stories to tell – and there was also a lively backchannel […]

Introducing Share&Learn

I recently launched Share&Learn – a new collaboration platform where members can share links, resources, ideas, experiences, tips, etc about the use of learning and performance trends, technologies and tools, in order to learn from one another – both informally and formally.  Anyone can become a member! What makes Share&Learn different? Well, Share&Learn is fundamentally a […]

The Social Learning Community

UPDATE: The Social Learning Community has now moved to the Social Learning Centre Yesterday I launched the Social Learning Community – a new Community of Practice intended for those interested in the use of social media to work and learn smarter.  This is a place where you can join discussions, ask questions, share links, experiences and […]

3 Models of Formal Social Learning

Last week I posted a graphic that illustrated the Stages that I believed Workplace Learning was going through, and in particular how the use of social media was either being used to perpetuate the traditional approach to formal learning in the organisation (Stage 4) or helping to move organisations to a collaborative and integrated approach […]

Backchatter – a game about Twitter trendspotting

In my Guide to 140 Learning: How to use Twitter, Facebook and Buzz for Social Learning one of my pages is  called "Using the backchannel at an event.  "This page looks at the use of the backchannel from the perspectiive of both the audience and the presenter. Whilst I was researching this topic I came […]

Where Social Learning Thrives

Just read this great article by Marcia Conner and Steve LeBlanc for Fast Company, which is chock full of fabulous quotes.  My favourites are "To benefit from social learning, build a culture that makes learning fun, productive and commonplace, a culture where learning is part of everyday work." "Social learning is not just the technology […]

Challenges and Misconceptions of Collaborative and Social Learning in the Workplace

Xyleme Voices features interviews with today’s top industry analysts, consultants and practitioners in the field of learning In their latest interview, four of my colleagues in the Internet Time Alliance – an international think tank-  Jay Cross, Harold JArche, Charles Jennings and Clark Quinn  – talk about this initiative and provide their perspectives on collaborative […]