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Workforce Development Services: A new framework for providing training and learning support in organizations

UPDATE: I have updated the WDS Framework, see my post From organizing and managing learning to supporting self-organized and self-managed learning In my last blog post, From Social Learning to Workforce Collaboration, I talked about how I have been helping organisations support workforce collaboration.  Following that post Dan Pontefract asked me this question: “Is this something […]

From Social Learning to Workforce Collaboration

Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right place

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that I (temporarily) changed this blog’s title from “Learning in the Social Workplace” to “Workforce Collaboration” Why? Well, to try and avoid the “learning” word or at least the term “social learning”! Let me explain. Despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that most workplace learning takes place outside […]

Collaboration in the Enterprise Infographic

The following infographic comes courtesy of the Socialcast blog, where they say: “Collaboration is based on the idea that sharing knowledge through cooperation helps solve problems more efficiently. In the enterprise, this principle couldn’t be more true, especially as more and more employees are engaging with one another through asynchronous, socially-geared technology.”


I've mentioned Grapevine on my Pick of the Day blog before, but Dirk Wood, the CEO has just emailed to tell me about some recent changes: "We now have a desktop application for even easier access and communication, complete redesign, and a myriad of new features just released to complement our initial web app. Grapevine allows […]