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Science Cafe

Although the Science Cafe is billed as "a weekly conversation about the culture, conduct and community of science", the fuller explanation of this activity from the University of California, San Francisco  (UCSFO) is very engaging and enticing: "Science at UCSF is a human endeavor — with a heart, a rhythm, moods, personality, language and, yes, […]

Top 10 Wired Colleges

Last month I made a posting about the Top 10 2.0 Campuses compied by Intelligrad. Now here are the Top 10 Wired Colleges –  PC Mag teamed up with The Princeton Review to find the most connected, plugged-in, and high-tech campuses in the country. As I said in my previous posting, it would be great […]

Decameron Web

This resource was cited in John Seely Brown’s recent keynote at the iCampus MIT-Microsoft Alliance, where he argued that education is going through a large-scale transformation toward a more participatory form of learning. The Decameron Web, a collaborative project at Brown University, is "a growing hypermedia archive of materials dedicated to Boccaccio’s masterpiece". Decameron Web […]

WOLCE Bespoke Solution of the Year

Congratulations to Tim Neill Associates for winning the WOLCE Bespoke Solution of the Year. The Fire Safety project was created for BSkyB and was all developed in Flash using interactive 3D worlds.  Pretty spectacular! Take a look at some screenshots and more information  about how it was produced at Tim’s website.

Free academic podcasts

Updated link: 28/11/06 This a list of 134 podcasted lectures from US universities that are free to access and cover a wide variety of subjects. Free academic podcasts From the Productive Strategies blog.  As you will see it has already generated a lot of traffic to the site.

Animated Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Elements has been something that has inspired designers to create online educational versions since the early days of the Web.  This is an animated version. Animated Period Table of Elements [Via: The Scout Report]


"LeActiveMath delivers an innovative web-based, intelligent, multi-lingual e-learning system for mathematics that will be used in high school and college or university level classrooms as well as for self-study. As a mathematical research project, LeActiveMath investigates cutting edge technologies and combines the technologies and opportunities of the Web with intelligent tutoring techniques and language technology. […]

BMJ Learning

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Publishing Group has launched a new online learning serviceaimed at helping foundation level 1 and 2 junior doctors with meeting the curriculum requirements of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Department of Health syllabus. The onine learning programme uses multimedia learning modules. There are simulation modules and diagnosis modules […]

Law in the Court of Public Opinion

I’ve just heard about this very exciting and innovative course being offered jointly in the Harvard Law School and the Harvard Extension School in the fall semester, 2006. The course website (written in blog format) explains further: "If we do say so ourselves, the course will be unlike any that has ever been taught. It […]