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March 2011 in Review

Now that April Fools Day is over, here’s my March review. In terms of my professional reading, I added around 25 articles to my 2011 Reading List, but here are 3 that I’ve marked as must-reads. “I’m not an idiot” – a letter from an agonized adult learner, Geeta Bose, IDiot, 9 March 2010  This […]

Social media in learning

Note: This is a cross-post from my other blog, Social media in Learning, for those who don't read/subscribe to it. I am constantly being asked, by those new to social media, for specific examples of how social media (Web 2.0) tools can be used for learning – whether it be for personal learning, informal learning […]


iNatomy is an iPod anatomy learning resource. "Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, in medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, kinesiology, or other health profession, you probably could use some help in learning all those structures." iNatomy


SuTree is an online index and library for free video-based lessons, tutorials, lectures and how-to’s. "We nurture the ultimate tree of knowledge: the world’s largest index & library of free video/audiolessons, tutorials, lectures & how-to’s.   Our content is handpicked by our users and then examined by our team/community" SuTree

Museum Open Learning Initiatives (MOLLI)

MOLLI is a partnership project between the Royal Albert Memorial Musuem, Exeter and the Telematics Centre. Initially funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the DfEE, MOLLI aims to extend and enrich cultural and heritage experiences in both the local and wider community to provide for lifelong learning. Within MOLLI the WWW and other new […]

Nano Learning from Image Dynamics

Image Dynamics™ is described as "a powerful nano-learning technology that accelerates individual and team performance through a journey of self-discovery and deep reflection. By engaging people at a deep emotional level it creates self-awareness for personal leadership growth." The nano-learning animation programmes create miniaturised learning modules of 30-120 seconds. Take a look at the free […]

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing is a podcast series that has been getting some press in the States.  "Grammar Girl believes that learning is fun, and the vast rules of grammar are wonderful fodder for lifelong study. She strives to be a friendly guide in the writing world." Grammar Girl’s Quick […]

A Million Penguins

Even with all the talk abut wikis, I know that many people struggle to understand how they can be used.  A number of the corporate wiki implementations I have seen simply enable individuals to create personal web pages, and there is no collaborative effort involved.  So I find the best way to explain the potential […]

3D Virtual Campus

On January 27 I made a posting, about EduNation, the first private island simulator in Second Life dedicated to online training seminars and conferences.  A couple of days ago I read about Sweden setting up a virtual embassy in Second Life.  I’ve just now found out about LaSalle College in Montreal opening a virtual campus […]

Splendid Speaking

Peter Travis, of Splendid Speaking, produces a weekly podcast for advanced level English Language students. Students contact him to sign up for an interview through Skype. The interview will be student driven and the content will be determined by, for example, the particular exam they might be doing or a situation at work that they […]