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Social Software in Academia

And here’s an article for education on the new Web 2.0 tools called social software. Social Software in Academia "Considerable buzz has appeared on the Internet over a group of new tools labeled social software. These tools can expand discussion beyond the classroom and provide new ways for students to collaborate and communicate within their […]

Web 2.0 Meets The Enterprise

This is another interesting article that looks at the use of Web 2.0 technologies in the organisation Web 2.0 meets the enterprise "Depending on your perspective, Web 2.0 is either the latest fad, old ideas in new packaging, or a real change in thinking that business and IT executives need to take very seriously. My […]

Personal Knowledge Management Tools

Robin Good, recently wrote an article on Personal Knowledge Management Tools Ready For Enterprise Use.  Here is an excerpt. "Personal knowledge management is making strong inroads into enterprise environments where individual users can be motivated to publish quality (commercial) information effectively and with the ease that "bloggers" enjoy. "Be it wikis, weblogs, messaging systems or […]

Rapid e-learnng at Malvern

I am often asked what rapid e-learning is and what it means to an organisation. This case study in this month’s Learning Circuits e-zine is a good example of how it works – for sales force training  – or rather keeping the sales up to date with new products – requires a much quicker and […]

Future Directions in eLearning Research Report 2006

This is the second annual report on the subject of future directions in e-Learning. As they did last year, the eLearning Guild Research Committee asked Guild members to take a close look at the e-Learning programs and initiatives in their organizations and report on what they expect to see in these activities in the next […]

Another example of use of iPods for distance learning

Here is yet another example of a college that is using video iPods to provide distance learning, from a news report by Brian Bethel in on 14 April 2006 ACU’s next new thing: Downloadable university The use of iPods in education (in particularly) seems to be really taking off, and this is clearly due […]