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The best user manuals EVER

This is an interesting posting from Kathy Sierra  about the importance of good user manuals, and describes a company, Parelli, that charges its users "big money for high-quality learning materials, and people are thrilled to pay it".  She also provides some ideas on what makes world-class user learning materials with examples from the Parelli materials. […]

Mobile talk moves to Web 2.0

"With a growing demand for a better browsing experience on our mobiles, there is, according to the industry, demand for Web 2.0 on the go." A nice little summary from the BBC’s Click programme. Mobile talk moves to Web 2.0 You can also watch a video of the TV programme.

Surviving the shipwreck: what makes online students stay online and learn?

"Although much is written about reasons why students drop out of online courses, little is said about what makes them stay. This article reports on an experiment whereby online students were exposed to a learning experience modelled on the US television series Survivor. Twenty-four students were put into tribes and allowed to vote one another […]

27 tips for teleconferencing

Here are some useful tips for tele-,  video- or even web-conferencing. "Whether you call them conference calls or telecons or excruciatingly dull time-wasters, multi-participant phone conversations are as important to most web workers as email. If you can’t meet face to face or arrange video conferencing, the conference call is the next best thing. But […]

Predictions 2007

At last some e-learning predictions from the UK thanks to kineo. Charles Jennings, Martyn Sloman, Donald Clark, Mark Berthelemy, Laura Overton – and yes Jane Hart – have all contributed their thoughts. Predictions 2007

Predictions for 2007

Another set of predictions for the year in eLearn magazine from eminent (e-)learning luminaries including Jay Cross, Stephen Downes and Elliot Masie.  Unfortunately, only 2 of the 20 predictions come from outside North America.  But worth a look – they are quite diverse. Predictions for 2007

Useful HTML Tricks for Bloggers – Add a Touch of Style

For new bloggers, here is some digital inspiration from Amit Agarwal Useful HTML Tricks for Bloggers – Add a Touch of Style Here he shares a couple of very simple HTML styling tricks that may make your blog stories more appealing and attractive to readers. Digital Inspiration is a great blog and one to add […]

$100 laptop project launches 2007

Yesterday the BBC reported on the One Laptop per child project About the project: "The first batch of computers built for the One Laptop Per Child project could reach users by July this year. The scheme is hoping to put low-cost computers into the hands of people in developing countries.  Ultimately the project’s backers hope […]

Seven Trends for 2007

Here’s another set of predictions for 2007, this time from TechWeb "Are you ready for 2.0? It’s in vogue to affix that software-style upgrade digit to just about every industry Driven by the Internet, 2.0 proclaims the start of a new generation of business collaboration and leadership. Kicking off the new year, we’re going for […]

Web users driving change in 2007

Happy New Year to Everyone … and to start 2007 here are some predictions for the year. "It is often said the only constant in the world of hi-tech is change – a fact that makes prediction notoriously difficult. But here three tech veterans give their view about what will drive change over the next […]