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How to train multi-taskers

Over the summer I've been working on some research for the E-Learning Guild's upcoming 360º Report on e-Learning 2.0.  My particular focus has been on understanding the needs of today's new breed of learners and the implications that this will have for workplace learning. My piece will be published by the Guild in the next […]

25 Tools every Learning Professional should have in their Toolbox – and all for FREE!

"Whether you are a corporate trainer, a Learning & Development manager, a learning designer or developer, or an educator in a school, college or university, these are the 25 must-have tools.  What is more they are all free, which makes them very useful for those on a low (or non-existent) budget or simply for experimentation […]

Top 100 Tools for Learning, 2007

A short article I have written summarising the findings of the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2007 list which I compiled this summer from the Top 10 Tools lists of over 100 contributors (from educationa and training) has been published in eLearn Magazine. eLearn Magazine: Top 100 Tools for Learning, 2007 At the end of […]

Facebook at work: slacking or networking?

Facebook is all pervasive; it ranked 27= on our Top 100 Tools for Learning List – but are employees slacking when they use it at work? Richard McManus discussed exactly this issue in his recent Read/WriteWeb posting. Facebook at work: slacking or networking? His conclusion: "… social networks are part of our media climate these […]

15 productive uses for a wiki

"We’re all familiar with wikis, of course — Wikipedia being the most famous example, but many other useful wikis abound on the Internet. But one of the most productive forms of wikis is the personal wiki."  Web Worker Daily lists 15 uses for a personal wiki. Web Worker Daily, 13 July 2007 [There are 46 […]

Defining and Understanding Virtual Worlds

Here’s a great overview article about virtual worlds from Karl Kapp at Learning Circuits. "It is enough to make a learning professional’s head spin. Every day there is a new story about online worlds providing new learning environments. Articles and books are describing how a generation raised on video games is invading the workplace and […]

Are Great Teams Less Productive?

"Learning promotes performance—is there any argument? Without learning, organizations, teams, and managers are stuck in yesterday’s world. In fact, says Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, there are built-in tensions between learning and performance, which smart organizations must learn to recognize and deal with. For example, an organization that has just completed a learning initiative […]

Podcasting Reviewed

This useful guide from UFi/learndirect and kineo is for "people in the learning and training community who are new or relatively new to podcasting and videocasting (vodcasting) and want to explore its potential as part of learning solutions". It explains: What podcasting is What’s in it for learning 8 steps to effective podcasting How some […]

The Change Management Toolbook

Often the topic of change management comes up when discussing the implementation of e-learning.  Here is an interesting resource on change management: The Change Management Toolbook "Are you personally ready for change? Is your team in serious need of new ways to work together? How can your organization deal with a change project which lacks […]

7 things you should know about digital storytelling

Here’s another resource in Educause’s "7 things you should know about …" series.  This one on digital storytelling. "Digital storytelling involves combining narrative with digital content to create a short movie. Digital stories can include interactive movies with highly produced audio and visual effects or presentation slides with narration or music. Some learning theorists believe […]