"Qunu is a next-generation expertise matching service. We use instant messaging to connect — in real time — people who have software or tech-related questions with experts who are passionate and willing to help." Qunu "How’s it different to other ask-an-expert services? It’s different to the ones you’ve seen because …


"ClickCaster is the simple and easy way to find and host podcasts or record them straight from the Web." ClickCaster The FREE service will allow anyone, anywhere, to create a Podcast at no cost to them


This is a useful site from the University of Wisconsin.  It contains information on podcasting: what it is, how to use it in teaching and learning, samples and how to create and deliver podcasts." podcasting

Work and the Web are converging

Here’s a great article from Jay Cross from the June edition of Learning Circuits Magazine. Work and the Web are converging "Corporations must embrace the web, however. Organizations cannot only reap the tangible benefits of connectedness, they must also internalize the memes of Internet culture. It is internet culture that …

HBR IdeaCast

I am always being asked for new ideas for Management Development.  Here is a new service from Harvard Business Review HBR IdeaCast "The HBR IdeaCast™ is a free biweekly podcast featuring breakthrough management ideas and commentary from the editors and authors of Harvard Business School Publishing."

Virtual collaboration: engaging learning through technology

"Virtual collaboration is a phrase that is both explanatory and confusing. In one company, virtual collaboration can be as simple as e-mail and document sharing. In another company, it can be the combined use of asynchronous tools—such as calendars, links and bulletin boards— with synchronous tools such as Web, audio …

Skype: The Definitive Guide

Skype: The Definitive Guide "Learn how to make free phone calls to more than 75 million people, and dirt-cheap phone calls to practically everyone else, anywhere on Earth! You can do it, with Skype. "Skype: The Definitive Guide" will help you get started fast, with any computer: Windows, Mac, Linux, …

Preparing for Intranet 2.0

Here is the official pdf of a paper Katheleed Gilroy co-authored with Bill Ives as part of the "Transforming Your Intranet" book by Melcrum Publishing. Preparing for Intranet 2.0