"Empressr is the first Ajax/Flash-based web application that lets you create, share and store presentations online. It goes beyond current presentation applications by enabling you to incorporate rich media features, like streaming video and animation, to create and share the most dynamic presentations possible." Empressr "Creating a presentation with Empressr …

Some free daily e-learning

If you’d like some free daily e-learning, you can get it at my website Free daily e-learning It has been made possible by the free content provided by Freedictionary.com.  If you’d like to set it up on your own website, then visit the free website tools page.


"PodAdmin is a very simple web-based podcast manager. Upload your new episode via a web form, PodAdmin will then grab the title and description from the ID3 tags and generate a new RSS feed on your website." PodAdmin PodAdmin is FREE, released under the GNU License

Peter’s Online Typing Course

Here you’ll find a set of free online typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists, and frustrated hunt-and-peckers who want to move from four-finger typing to full-blown touch typing. Peter’s Online Typing Course


Subscribe to NASA audio and video content when it becomes available. The official NASA Portal podcast, NASAcast, contains the latest audio and video features from the NASA web site, NASATV’s NASACast


"From sign-up to login in under 1 minute! slapcast.com lets you start podcasting by phone and by upload immediately. Slapcast.com The free trial gives you three free messages. If you like the service, sign up for $4.95/month.


"Availabot is a physical representation of presence in Instant Messenger applications.  Availabot plugs into your computer by USB, stands to attention when your chat buddy comes online, and falls down when they go away." Availabot

The Webcast Academy

"The Academy is a hands on, collaborative training center for people interested in learning how to produce and host live, interactive webcasts." The Webcast Academy The goals of the Webcast Academy include increasing the number of people who are capable of producing live, interactive webcasts applying the open source community …