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About Jane Hart

Jane Hart is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. She helps organisations and learning professionals modernise their approaches to workplace learning - through public workshops and bespoke consultancy. Jane is the Editor of the <Modern Workplace Learning Magazine, and is the author of a number of books including Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017 and How to become a Modern Professional Learner. You can contact Jane at


Here’s a new e-book reader that I’ve come across and looks quite interesting dotReader is a new e-book reader and documentation platform that… is open source — available free, owned by no one and usable by everyone;  runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Macs, Linux, tablet PCs, and most PDAs; reads multiple document formats with […]

Social software: E-learning beyond learning management systems

Here is an excellent article articulating the emerging view (which I certainly wholeheartedly agree with) that education should look beyond VLEs (virtual learning environments) and LMS (learning management systems) "and engage students in an active use of the web as a resource for their self-governed, problem-based and collaborative activities". The article’s abstract continues: "An approach […]

Personal wikis: Three simple alternatives

Following on from my post yesterday, here is an article that looks at 3 simple wiki tools The article begins "Wikis aren’t just great tools for sharing information and collaborating on projects. They also make excellent personal information managers. With a personal wiki, all of your to-do lists, notes, and appointments are at your fingertips […]

Wikis, blogs and podasts: a new generation of Web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical practice and education

"We have witnessed a rapid increase in the use of Web-based ‘collaborationware’ in recent years. These Web 2.0 applications, particularly wikis, blogs and podcasts, have been increasingly adopted by many online health-related professional and educational services. Because of their ease of use and rapidity of deployment, they offer the opportunity for powerful information sharing and […]

Second Life

This is one that I’ve been meaning to post for some time Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by 266,151 people from around the globe. Second Life


iLumina is a digital library of sharable undergraduate teaching materials for chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science. It is designed to quickly and accurately connect users with the educational resources they need. These resources range in type from highly granular objects such as individual images and video clips to entire courses. iLumina


Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days, regardless if they have been picked up or […]

Educators Corner

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) Educators Corner is a free online archive of entrepreneurship resources for teaching and learning. The mission of the project is to support and encourage faculty around the world who teach entrepreneurship to future scientists and engineers, as well as those in management and other disciplines. The site has been […]

Learn Genetics

Learn Genetics The Genetic Science Learning Center is an outreach education program located in the midst of bioscience research at the University of Utah. Our mission is to help people understand how genetics affects their lives and society.