Social Collaboration 101: How to help a team learn as they work together


Next public online workshop runs: 4 – 29 May In the workplace, people learn continuously as a result of working in their teams. The advent of social technologies brings huge benefits to a work team, including the facility to improve communication, enhance continuous learning and performance improvement and capture organisational knowledge. This is known as social […]

L&D doesn’t own social learning … we all do


The emergence of so-called Social Learning Platforms and Social LMS suggests that social learning is purely an educational or training trend. For sure, social tools can support and enhance learning, but they are not just for supporting and enhancing organized, formal learning environments. In fact, the use of social tools in these formal contexts often results […]

L&D as Agents of Change


In my Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) framework I provide a broader definition of workplace learning;  one that encompasses all learning experiences that take place in the organisation – not just those that are organised and managed by L&D – but ones that happen as a result of individuals and teams working together on a daily basis. By […]