Do YOU like gamification?

Gamification is all the rage,  but the jury is out whether it really works or not. I’m writing an article for the MWL magazine so please let me know what YOU think of it by taking my short Twitter poll.  Many thanks.

3 thoughts on “Do YOU like gamification?

  1. Tuula Lindholm

    Used gamification for very specific purposes to vary content and to provide other options for learning….not a big fan though. Sitting on the fence on this issue.

  2. Margo Kan

    Like all learning tools, it can certainly have its place and be very engaging but there is too much of a trend to use it for the sake of using it, sometimes to the detriment of learner experience (they fail to see the relevance and feel like it’s wasting their time). It also needs to suit the audience and content so this should be a key consideration before deciding on how instruction will be designed.

  3. Kim

    Don’t have Twitter account so I can’t vote :
    I hate gamification. I feel like I am being manipulated.

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