Learning in the Modern Workplace is much MORE than courses and resources

Individuals learn in many ways for and at work; training or e-learning is only part of the picture as I show in the diagram below. Modern Professional Learning (as I call it) happens in many different ways – both inside and outside the organisation. It is partly organised by L&D, partly organised by a manager and partly self-organised.In the modern workplace L&D now has a tripartite role – not just organising things for people to learn from (e.g. courses and resources), it means supporting all the other ways people learn for and at work. This means supporting manager-led learning and empowering employee-led learning.This is the new work for L&D.  Want to find out more about what it entails in order to provide a modern day service that supports organisational learning in all its forms?

Read my new book, Learning in the Modern Workplace 2017
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  • An introduction to MWL
  • Modernising training and e-learning
  • Supporting manager-led learning
  • Empowering employee-led learning