Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

background-720224_640On Friday 23rd September, voting closes in the 10th Annual Survey of Learning Tool  – so it’s not too late to vote!

You can find out how to do so HERE – essentially it involves sharing your own Top 10 Tools for Learning – privately or publicly.

Anyway, as we reach the final few days of voting in 2016, I thought it was time to share my personal top 10 tools – so here they are:

  1. TWITTER is still the place where I can quickly and easily keep up with what’s happening in the world – and in particular what others are up to with their ideas and activities around workplace learning.  It’s the first place I go to when I wake up in the morning. But I do prefer to use …
  2. TWEETDECK rather than the web interface – where I’ve set up different columns for my news feed, mentions, hashtags I follow, etc. It makes it much easier for me to see the overall picture of what’s happening in the moment.
  3. I also couldn’t do without FEEDLY – my RSS reader – where I aggregate well over 300 blog and website feeds. So I use this as another means to keep up to date with what’s happening with technology, the future of work, and other related topics.
  4. I speak at a lot of events about Modern Workplace Learning, so I inevitably create a lot of slidesets. However, nowadays I use KEYNOTE on my MacBook – rather than PowerPoint, which means I am then able to control the slides remotely – not just from my iPad or iPhone but also from my …
  5. APPLE WATCH – This device has actually become very important to me over the last year or so, as I have customised it to provide me with the exact level and type of notifications and alerts that I want.
  6. Once I have given my presentations, I also share the slidesets freely on SLIDESHARE, which means they can be viewed by many more people than those in the audience.
  7. WORDPRESS is the tool I use for my blog (here) and also for all my websites. I make use of a large number of plugins that enhance its default functionality as it is a very powerful tool.
  8. I use YAMMER to host the online workshops I run – as it is all about the social experience. Using Yammer participants can focus on the conversation, and also see how valuable a tool it is and how they can use it in their own enterprise to underpin social learning and social collaboration.
  9. Two other valuable tools for me are WHATSAPP for communication with individuals and groups, and …
  10. SKYPE, which I use frequently for calls with friends and clients alike.  In fact I keep a continuous chat session open with my colleagues, Clark, Harold and Charles in the Internet Time Alliance (ITA) – so that we can talk to one another at any time.

My ITA colleagues have also shared their own top 10 tools in blog posts too  – so here are the links to them.

cq hj cj
Here’s Clark Quinn’s choice Here’s Harold Jarche’s choice Here’s Charles Jennings choice


  1. There’s going to be a change in Twitter – the limit of 140 characters top will be relaxed – what do you think about this? Is this going to make it a more handy keep-up-with-the-news tool or rather it’s going to become more messy and therefore less useful as a quick information tool?

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