Voting for Top Tools for Learning 2016 closing soon

ballot-1294935_640Voting for the 2016 Top Tools for Learning – the 10th Annual Survey – closes
 mid-day on Friday 23 September
that’s in just over two weeks time!

Click HERE to find out how to cast your vote

The Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016 will be released on
Monday 3 October

2 thoughts on “Voting for Top Tools for Learning 2016 closing soon

  1. Chris

    As a primarily-Mac user, I love the innovation that’s being done by small, indie developers to challenge current industry standards. For example, the folks at Affinity (Serif) being the ones we’ve always prayed for to **finally** mount an assault on the Photoshop/Illustrator duopoly with their Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer applications; both stellar, high-performance, highly-polished apps not beholden to years of legacy cruft that can truly take the place of the expensive, bloated Adobe options for many professionals at fractions of the price, within a vibrant new community of users.

    I’m waiting (perhaps in futility?) for something similar to happen in the eLearning dev world. Captivate runs like tar on my i7 Mac with 24 gigs of RAM. The Articulate products aren’t cross-platform at all – I get to load up Windows in a VM to run that (bleh!). Both products are slowly trying to transition themselves (with varying amounts of success) from Flash-based tools to modern HTML5 producers.

    Where is our Affinity Designer for the eLearning world? Why does this industry get so little attention from hungry software developers with a new vision? Where’s my lightweight, speedy, innovative, brilliant, Flash-free eLearning development application with a modern GUI and excited user community? That’s the product I’m waiting to vote for. How long will I be waiting?

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