Modern Professional Learning (MPL) meets Modern Workplace Learning (MWL)

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 09.41.42Modern Professional Learning (MPL), an approach which many professionals are now (consciously or unconsciously) adopting, involves taking responsibility for their own career and self-development through continuous learning, on demand problem solving and getting the most out of their daily work. A large part of it happens, of course, outside of their organisation – primarily on the Web.

Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) is an L&D approach that recognises how modern professionals learn in today’s world, and enables and supports their activities in the workplace – not just by organising modern approaches to training and e-learning and ensuring they have access to useful resources, but by helping to build a social organisation that values the learning that comes from working with others. But a key part of MWL involves empowering and supporting modern professionals to organise and manage their own learning and development aligned with organisational objectives – and share what they are doing/have done so that their team and ultimately the organisation can also reap the rewards from all this self-learning. This is Employee-Led Learning (ELL).

ELL is where MPL meets MWL.

In the upcoming MWL Challenge (starting 5 September) we’ll be looking more closely at MPL, MWL and ELL, and helping you consider what it means for your own organisation and L&D team. Click HERE to find out more and how to join us.