100 Twitter accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)


A philomath is a lover of learning.  A philomath is not synonymous with a polymath; a philomath is a seeker of knowledge and facts, while a polymath is a possessor of knowledge in multiple fields. (Wikipedia)

Here are 100 Twitter feeds to follow for philomaths, the curious and those who would like to improve their general knowledge – from both institutions and individuals – some with a twist and many that will bring you a daily dose of learning! Listed in alphabetical order, you probably won’t want to follow them ALL – but if you do, here is my ForPhilomaths Twitter list. Suggestions welcome for additions to the list. Please leave in the comments below.

  1. 100 years ago today@100YearsToday Remembering the people, places & happenings of this date 100 years ago.
  2. About.com@aboutdotcom We help people answer questions, solve problems, learn something new and get inspired.
  3. About World Languages@aboutworldlangs Providing information and cultural awareness about languages around the world
  4. Albert Einstein@AlbertEinstein  Official Twitter account of the World’s Favorite Genius.
  5. Art Daily@artdaily The First Art Newspaper on the Net
  6. Asap SCIENCE : @AsapSCIENCE Your daily dose of fascinating science.
  7. Astronomy News@astronomy The latest astronomy news, curated by the [Inside] team
  8. A Word A Day@Awad A daily newsletter about unusual words and their origins
  9. BBC iWonder@BBCiWonder Stories to make you think. From BBC TV, radio, online and beyond.
  10. Big Think@bigthink Get smarter, faster, for success in the knowledge economy
  11. Biography.com@Bio People. Nostalgia. History & Culture. Crime & Scandal
  12. Book Nerd@booknerdfession Confessions Of A Book Nerd!
  13. BrainCraft@Brain_Craft A web series exploring psychology, neuroscience and why we act the way we do.
  14. Brain Pickings@brainpickings This is the Brain Pickings bot – daily blog posts, automated
  15. British Pathe@BritishPathe The world’s finest collection of newsreels and cinemagazines.
  16. Curiosity@curiositydotcom Curiosity Makes You Smarter! Get informed with 5 new amazing topics, delivered daily.
  17. Daily Art@dailyartapp  serving espresso shot of art every day, straight to your phone – here also on Twitter.
  18. Daily Writing Tips@writing_tips Daily tips on grammar, spelling, punctuations, freelance writing and more!
  19. Daily Zen@dailyzen Enlighten yourself.
  20. Damn Interesting@DamnInteresting Legitimately fascinating true stories from history, science, and psychology.
  21. Did you know@Know Feed your brain with things to know
  22. Discovery@Discovery Grab life by the globe!
  23. Dose@dose Stories Worth Sharing
  24. Electric Literature@ElectricLit Saving literature one reader at a time:
  25. eHow@eHow Discover the expert in you.
  26. Fact : @Fact Interesting facts about the world we live in.
  27. Five Books : @five_books The best 5 books on everything
  28. Genius brain teasers@GBrainTeasers puzzles, riddles, mathematical problems, mastermind, music, word puzzles, stereograms, cinemania …
  29. Google Maps@googlemaps Photographic dispatches from Planet Earth.
  30. Google Facts@Google Facts Learn new things every day. When you doubt our facts, Google is your friend.
  31. Great Minds Quotes@greatestquotes A collection of quotes that will challenge, motivate and inspire you.
  32. Groovy Historian@GroovyHistorian All kinds of odd, old and fun historical facts (anything to do with history)
  33. Harvard Press : @Harvard_Press  Offering nonfiction in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.
  34. History in Pics: @HistoryInPics Sharing the most powerful and entertaining historical photographs ever taken.
  35. How stuff works@HowStuffWorks Find out how the world works.
  36. How things work@ThingsWork Satisfy your curiosity with amazing new perspectives on how things work.
  37. Hubble@NASA_Hubble The official Twitter account for the NASA Hubble Space Telescope.
  38. Inspirational Quotes@inspire_us The BEST Inspirational Quotes out there!
  39. Interesting Facts@neverknownfacts General Knowledge, Interesting Facts, Amazing facts, Latest facts. Known is a drop and Unknown is an Ocean.
  40. Internet Archive@internetarchive digital library offering access to millions of free books, movies, and audio files, plus an archive of 450+ billion web pages.
  41. Learn Everyday : @coolestlifehack Posting mind blowing information. Learn Something daily with us.
  42. Learning : @factsguide  The most unimportant things you’ll never need to know.
  43. Library of Congress@librarycongress World’s largest library
  44. Life Hacks@LifeHacks Daily hacks, tips and tricks to optimize your life!
  45. Life Hacks@TipsForYouDaily Life hacks, life tips, and information to help you organize your life and make it a breeze.
  46. List25@list25 Daily Top 25 Lists about science, animals, sports, politics, entertainment, humor, trends and more
  47. Listverse@listverse Ultimate Top 10 Lists
  48. Love Archeology : @lovearchaeology We Love Archaeology, History, Museums, Classics, & Archives!
  49. J. Paul Getty Museum @GettyMuseum : Seeks to inspire curiosity about, and enjoyment and understanding of, the visual arts.
  50. Maths History@mathshistory History of maths (math to some) tweets from the British Society for the History of Mathematics
  51. Mental floss@mental_floss Amazing facts from the people at Mental Floss magazine.
  52. Merriam-Webster@MerriamWebster Word of the Day, facts and observations on language, lookup trends, and wordplay from the editors at Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
  53. Mind Facts : @mindfacts Fascinating Facts About the Human Mind!
  54. Minute Earth@MinuteEarth Science and stories about our awesome planet.
  55. Minute Physics@minutephysics minute physics as soon as possible
  56. Missed in History@MissedinHistory Holly and Tracy splash around in the depths of history.
  57. Museum of Modern Art@MuseumModernArt Victor Samra & Gretchen Scott at the easel, for MOMA, New York
  58. National Book@nationalbook National Book Foundation, Presenter of the National Book Awards
  59. National Day Calendar@nationaldaycal Celebrate Every Day with National Day Calendar.
  60. National Geographic@NatGeo Since 1888, we’ve traveled the Earth, sharing its amazing stories with new generations.
  61. Numberphile@numberphile Loving the world of numbers…
  62. OMG Facts :  @OMG Facts Facts worth sharing
  63. One’s Knowledge : @Must_known Knowledge knocks on the door of action. If it receives a reply it stays, otherwise it departs.
  64. OnThisDay & Facts@NotableHistory Historical Pictures & other Interesting Facts….
  65. Oxford Academic@OUPAcademic Oxford University Press’s academic news and insights for the thinking world.
  66. Oxford Classics : @OWC_Oxford Bringing readers closer to the world’s greatest literature.
  67. Quick and Dirty Tips@quickdirtytips A podcast network & website helping you do things better. Tips on grammar, nutrition, fitness, health, psychology, productivity, money & more
  68. Quotes : @quotes Inspirational quotes from the world of books, history and popular culture.
  69. Philosophy Tweets@philosophytweet Philosophy Tweets — Be a Good Genius.
  70. Pubic Domain Review@PublicDomainRev Online journal and cabinet of curiosities dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web.
  71. Random Facts@factsandtrivia A collection of interesting facts and historical trivia about a variety of fun topics.
  72. Science Channel@ScienceChannel Thought-provoking updates, news, videos, and more from Science Channel.
  73. Science Daily@ScienceDaily Read breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, and technology.
  74. Seeker@Seeker We are all Seekers. We dare to act on our curiosity with an instinctual belief that wisdom is gained by experiencing, observing and exploring.
  75. Seeker Daily@seekerdaily A network for the young-at-mind where it’s cool to be smart and curiosity is the fuel
  76. Sketch Dailies@sketch_dailies Daily character inspiration posted before 11am PST.
  77. Smithsonian@smithsonian We’re not a museum. We’re 19 of them! (plus a zoo & 9 research centers)
  78. TED Talks@TEDTalks Ideas worth spreading.
  79. The British Library@britishlibrary Keep up to date with all the news from the British Library.
  80. The Nobel Prize@NobelPrize The official Twitter feed of the Nobel Prize
  81. The Ocean Portal@OceanPortal Join the Smithsonian Ocean Portal in exploring the ocean and its life.
  82. The OED@OED The Oxford English Dictionary is the definitive record of the English language, featuring 600,000 words, 3 million quotations, and over 1,000 years of English.
  83. The QI Elves @Qikipedia Quite Interesting bits and pieces from the mythical creatures behind BBC TV’s QI.
  84. The School of Life@TheSchoolOfLife We develop emotional intelligence through the help of culture
  85. The Quote@thequote Great quotes, verified, words of inspiration, words of wisdom, throughout the day, every day.
  86. Today I learned@TodayILearnd A Twitter feed of posts from /r/TodayILearned from reddit.
  87. Today in History@Yesterday_Today So, what happened on this day in the past?
  88. Today’s Document@TodaysDocument Today in History & Daily Historical Documents from the US National Archives.
  89. Treehugger@TreeHugger Links, Ideas and Conversation from the TreeHugger hive mind, the latest in modern green.
  90. Tweets of Old@TweetsofOld Real one-line brevities from old newspapers, as they appeared–or close.
  91. Uberfacts@Uberfacts The most unimportant things you’ll never need to know.
  92. Vocabulary@VocabularyCom Helps you learn new words, play games that improve your vocabulary, and explore language
  93. Weird Science@weird_sci Weird & Wonderful Science
  94. What the F*** Facts : @whattheffacts All (& only) things that make you say WTF.
  95. Wikipedia@Wikipedia The official Twitter account for the sum of all knowledge, Wikipedia.
  96. WIRED : @wired WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.
  97. Word of the Day@Word of the Day Expanding your vocabulary one word at a time.
  98. Wordspy@wordspy The word lover’s guide to new words.
  99. Words@selfamused All the words you didn’t know you needed.
  100. World Museum : @world_museum From Japanese Samurai armour to bugs galore, from ancient Egyptian mummies and dinosaurs, to outer space


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    Love your lists and this one is no exception….BUT, one on here, @historyinpics is a bane to historians, myself included. They never cite sources making the pics impossible to verify. Drives me crazy. 🙂

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