The Evolution of Workplace Learning in a SlideShare Timeline


Jane talking about informal learning at the e-Learning Innovations Symposium held at George Mason University, Washington in June 2012

I am often asked about the keynotes, presentations and workshops I give at different events around the world – either in person or online. Wherever possible I upload them to SlideShare, so that others can benefit from them too – although as I try to avoid lots of text on the slides themselves, this means it is sometimes difficult to understand them without the context.

Embedded below is the SlideShelf of the slidesets I have shared – 78 presentations that go back 8 years. It is interesting to see that 7 years ago I was talking about social media to support learning and performance, and this topic has only recently become popular in mainstream L&D! I wonder how long it will be before what I am talking about nowadays – how to broaden the scope and breadth of L&D not just to organise learning interventions but to support all the ways we learn at work – will become commonplace. Want to find out more about my speaking engagements?

One thought on “The Evolution of Workplace Learning in a SlideShare Timeline

  1. Mascha van de Weer

    Hi Jane, yesterday I was wondering about the same thing. I graduated in 2002 on the subject of using an online learning environment for blended learning. In that learning environment, there were many possibilities for student contributions, like adding documents and links to websites and other resources, having discussions, collaborate on documents, giving peer feedback about assignments, et cetera. But it just never seemed to be generally recognised as a great way of delivering courses. Just recently, since the term ‘social learning’ is getting more popular, it seems like organisations finally start to understand how to use the internet to support learning processes. So this has taken a long, long time.
    I’m quite optimistic though about the speed of future developments. Why? Because we are so much better connected now. So I actually believe that through online social learning, things will develop at a much faster pace than before. (Or do I just wish this…? 😉 )

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