1,000+ Learning & Performance Tools

Looking for some new ideas for tools to support your work? Here are the links to the pages in my Directory of Learning & Performance Tools, which lists over 1,000 tools  in 4 main categories as shown below.

Want to add or amend a tool’s details? You can do so here.

What are your favourite tools for learning? Voting is now open in this year’s Top Tools for Learning survey. Please share your own.





4 thoughts on “1,000+ Learning & Performance Tools

  1. Derek Bailey

    Thank you for generously sharing the compendium of plethora of resources much appreciated.

  2. DonL

    Only a person who lives their values would share their resources to raise the water level for everyone’s boat and move us forward toward the new world of continuous learner driven social learning.

  3. Ross Stevenson

    Thanks for the comprehensive list Jane, I noticed on the blogging tools that you didn’t have medium listed. It’s a great blogging platform and has been growing rapidly in the last few years with a number of cultural influencers publishing content on there too.

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