Changing the very essence of learning in the organisation

change-948019_640In my previous post, What does L&D “transformation” really mean? I concluded by saying that L&D transformation won’t come from the application of new learning technologies to solve old training problems, i.e. by creating e-learning or by adding social, mobile, micro, gamification into the mix. Transformation will only come from changing the very essence of what learning means in the organisation.

This first requires a recognition that people “learn” at work in a multitude of ways – not just through training or e-learning – as people carry out their daily jobs and from activities and interactions both in and outside the organisation and that all these ALL need to be valued, encouraged and supported. And that this will only happen by doing things very differently as described below.


This means working closely with managers and their teams to help them develop a new learning mindset, to help them learn with and from one another as they work – underpinned by enterprise social technologies, as well as encouraging and supporting individuals to take responsibility for their own learning (in and out of the workplace). If you’d like to find out more about this type of work, come and join my upcoming online workshops.


This means designing and faciliting events and experiences that support knowledge sharing and knowledge building, collaborative problem solving and relationship building throughout the organisation, ones that take place either face-to-face or online, but are much more in tune with the way people learn for themselves: experiential, participative and collaborative. If you’d like to find out more about this type of work, take part in my upcoming online workshops.

If you would like an introduction to all these areas in one place, then you might like to take part in my 2nd L&D Challenge running …

  • 16 May – 5 August
    This 12 week online challenge will help L&D professionals extend their own personal learning skills in order to (b) support learning in the modern workplace.

2 thoughts on “Changing the very essence of learning in the organisation

  1. Bev Davies

    I completely agree with your view of transformation ….how can you achieve this when senior executives don’t and won’t buy into this need? How do you start to change the essence of learning in these circumstances, which are made worse by senior leaders behaviours and practices?

    Would really appreciate thoughts and views…!

    Thank you, Bev

    1. Jane Hart Post author

      You don’t have to start with getting buy in from leaders who don’t understand the new world; you can start with supporting teams and individuals who do (and already doing things for themselves). Then you can demonstrate to the leaders how learning is already changing in their organisation (whether they like it or not), as well as how it is happening in other organisations elsewhere too.

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