4 more bloggers choose their top tools for learning

top-95717_640 (1)On 27 August I posted about 15 bloggers who had chosen their Top Tools for Learning. Here are 4 more with a some of the tools they have chosen.

(1) Jay Cross’s selection included Scoopit.

“Scoopit – I curate five topics on Scoop.it (example). You really learn something when you share it with someone else. As master curator Robin Good suggests, you need to give your opinion to add value. It keeps you on your toes. Plus, searching for fresh content puts you in touch with the latest news.”

(2) Mike Taylor shared his top 10 tools, and one of them was Mailchimp

“MailChimp  – This is something you should consider stealing from the marketing folks. This is a great way to supplement or enhance training campaigns. You can set up a series of emails that are automatically delivered in sequence when anyone joins the list. Great for new hire and other subscription learning approaches.”

(3) Dennis Callahan blogged about his top 10 tools. One of his choices was LinkedIn,

“LinkedIn – my business social stream and connections.”

(4) Professor David Simpson has just shared his favourite tools, and his selection includea Screenflow.

“Screen Casting: Of the many screen casting tools I have explored, I keep coming back to using Screenflow though I am determined to give Camtasia (both Mac and PC versions) a thorough examination this academic year. I’ve been able to use such software to incorporate into my Statistics classes supplemental tutorials on the use of SPSS.  I prefer using Vimeo to YouTube as an outlet for my video productions.”

What are you Top Tools for Learning?

Voting for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 closes on Friday 18 September, Here’s the voting guidance.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 will be revealed in Monday 21 September.

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