20% discount on Social Learning Handbook in August

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 19.13.12As I put the finishing touches to my new book, Modern Workplace Learning, that will be released on 1 October, I am offering a special 20% discount on my Social Learning Handbook 2014 during August. The price is now £12.

The book is available in two formats from Lulu.com:

  • as a paperback – where it will be printed locally and shipped to your address
  • as a PDF – where you can download it immediately.

About this book

Although social learning is something that we have always done, it has often been ignored or misunderstood by the training industry. Now, however, the proliferation of social tools makes this a powerful way to improve workplace performance. When we consider what social learning means inside an organization, it’s not just adding social media to instructional programmes or letting people interact with one another. It’s more about helping people learn from one another as they work together – enhanced by collaborative enterprise social tools. Learning in today’s networked workplace is not just being trained to do a task, but about learning with and from one another as we face new challenges. In the connected enterprise there is a new role for HR, OD, and L&D departments. This book looks at some of the key ways that organizations can start to support social workplace learning

Here are a couple of reviews about the book:

Clark Quinn’s review, THE Social Learning Handbook, Learnlets, 23 June 2014

“Jane has an admirable ability to cut through complex concepts and make them clear. She cites the best work out there when it is available, and comes with her own characterizations when necessary. The concepts are clear, illustrated, and comprehensible. This isn’t a theoretical treatment, however. Jane has pragmatic checklists littered throughout as well as great suggestions. Jane is focused on having you succeed. Practical guidance underpins all the frameworks.”

Sunder Ramachandran’s review in Professional Development for L&D, 19 February 2014

“I have found Jane’s work to be a great source for my team to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of workplace learning and collaboration, trends, technologies and tools, as well as answer their questions on methodologies they have heard about. What is particularly useful is the case studies section where she has highlighted how social & collaborative tools can be a viable & better alternative to just courses. I had ordered the book for my team & each members is expected to read & apply one approach to a workplace learning solution that they will be putting together in 2014. The use of enterprise social networks to improve the new hire on-boarding experience & time to competency is one that we are already experimenting with in my organisation. Priced at £15, I will recommend this as a must read for all L&D professionals.”


And another review just in from Donald Taylor, 2 August 2015

“I have just bought this (at the end of July, so no discount!) and was reading it just now when this G+ alert popped up from Jane.

If you are considering any form of social learning in your organization, you MUST buy this book.

It is thoroughly well researched by someone who knows, and indeed leads, the field. It is a proper handbook, full of bulleted lists, tables and practical advice as well as a great set of links and resources.

Heartily recommended.”