The Joy of Learning #blimage

Inge De Ward (@Ignatia) just asked me if I was up for the #blimage challenge!

What is the #blimage challenge? Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth) explains

“You send an image or photograph to a colleague with the challenge that they have to write a learning related blog post based on it. Just make sure the images aren’t too rude. The permutations are blimmin’ endless.”

So Inge chose this picture – a drawing from the Belgian artist Yslaire.

Looking at this picture – these were the random thoughts that went through my head!

  • how easy it is to become so absorbed in discovering something new on the computer – and how you can almost glow with pleasure from learning – the angel could quite easily be watching a YouTube video or TED Talk!
  • how important it is to be connected with others, and how valuable computers have become to help us do so  – our angel could well be on a Skype call, or taking part in a Google Hangout with other angels!
  • but more significantly, that even in the most difficult of situations, where there’s a will there’s a way.  It looks here, that our angel has had to go to quite a bit of trouble to rig up her computer to the Internet!!

The “learning” message for me, in this image, is that rather than put up obstacles to learning in organisations – unwieldy technology platforms, unnecessary logins, restrictive social media policies, etc, – we need to make it as easy as possible for people to learn whenever they want to – so that they can experience the joy of learning!

So are you up to the  #blimage challenge. Here’s the image for your learning-related blog post. The challenge is open to anyone – but in particular I’m going to tag @JaneBozarth and my ITA colleagues @hjarche, @charlesjennings @quinnovator and @jaycross

Good luck!


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Jane Hart

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One thought on “The Joy of Learning #blimage

  1. Wendy taleo

    I also picked up the same challenge. My post is here I like your comment ‘joy of learning’ and the suggestion to make it easy! Yes yes yes. I often want to share the joy I get from open learning but realise that others need to experience for themselves! Self-directed learning should be a professional development model not a knee jerk reaction to restrictions in organisations.

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