The best of June 2015

june-706939_640This month I’ve chosen just 5 resources from many that I shared on Twitter in June 2015.

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1 – Performance Matters, or, Guy Walks into a Brain-tumor Clinic – Jane Bozarth reflects on what she has learned from this very personal experience

“So my husband has a brain tumor. Since his diagnosis and surgery last year I’ve spent a lot of time interacting with performers in the healthcare system … But every interaction reminded me: “Job performance” goes beyond a particular task in a particular moment.”

2 – Unfix your mind – Steve Wheeler reminds us on what we need to do to be creative (12 June)

“The problem of self-imposed constraints is otherwise known as functional fixedness and occurs in various contexts every day. We travel to work by the same route, and we have a specific routine for every task we do during the day. We rarely think about ways to do things differently, because we are risk averse, or simply comfortable in our routines. Creative thinking demands some risk taking. Creativity is not born out of being comfortable. It requires different patterns of thought that are outside routine, and beyond the regular. Creative solutions often emerge when we think … ‘there must be a better way to do this’ … and then examine the problem from all the possible angles.”

3 – When It Comes To Ongoing HR Development, It’s Really Up To You – Ron Thomas makes it clear, keep learning because no career is safe (16 June 2015)

“So many of our HR professionals look forward to attending conferences and training throughout the year, but for the most part, we can’t sit back and wait for two or three events to take care of our development needs throughout the year. We have to self-educate. That means reading everything that we can get our hands on.”

4 – 67 lessons I’ve learned in L&D – Brian Washburn shares some of the things he’s learned in the last 17 years (18 June)

“6 – Even the best-designed training in the world won’t necessarily lead to better outcomes.
7 – Sometimes training efforts are foiled by an apathetic or cynical manager.
8 – Sometimes it’s not a training problem (and no amount of training can fix that!).”

5 – The World Wide What? (Founders Forum, 18 June 2015)

“Have you ever imagined the world without the Web? How would you do homework without Wikipedia? Or commute without CandyCrush? Or even watch this film without YouTube?”

Finally a reminder of my own blog posts in June 2015

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  3. John Laskaris

    Liked your choice 🙂 Thanks for the abstracts, didn’t know all the articles you mentioned. Definitely loved ‘Unfix your mind’ by Steve Wheeler and enjoyed the little riddle he posed. On the other hand I have to admit it’s true that our minds are locked.

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