Digital transformation of workplace learning; going beyond “bolt-on”

wave-81840_640When it comes to businesses, and the imperative to transition into the modern world, there are many who now say they have a digital strategy in place.

But as Dion HInchcliffe points out in “Going beyond “bolt-on” digital transformation”

“… “having a digital strategy” can mean just about anything, depending upon who you ask. At this point however, there are basically two main forks in the road to digital for most organizations:

There is the bolt-on’ strategy, which typically means adding a few new digital channels to existing touchpoints — typically social and mobile — and maybe creating an associated but minor sideline business with some digital revenue.”

Then there is the ‘digital transformation’ approach to digital. It’s a full-on, meaningful reconception of the business often using a startup or incubator model, with the intent to re-imagine a digital native organization with all that it entails, from new business models, culture shifts, remodeling of the structure and processes of the business, and rethinking of the very foundations of the enterprise across the full spectrum of digital possibility.”

I believe, this is the same for workplace learning. For real transformation to take place it’s not a matter of having a bolt-on” strategy to existing training practices (“typically social and mobile”), but rather “a full-on, meaningful reconception” of what it means to support all ways of learning in the modern digital workplace.

This is what Modern Workplace Learning is all about.

3 thoughts on “Digital transformation of workplace learning; going beyond “bolt-on”

  1. Alexis Kingsbury

    Thanks Jane – great point. There is often a tendency just to ‘add’ rather then re-design. L&D managers are likely to find their availability dwindle as they manage multiple separate tools and approaches using this approach.

    Instead they need to re-design their offerings and processes to reflect how digital can support these to deliver more effective learning for less L&D effort.

    Thanks again,


    1. Jane Hart Post author

      Alexis, thanks – re-thinking workplace learning is more than re-designing offers but understanding how to support ALL ways of learning in the workplace -

  2. John Laskaris

    To me the bolt-on strategy does not support changes, it just gives an impression of making changes whilst the real change is strictly connected to re-thinking.

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