L&D as Agents of Change

oldwaynewway-300x200In my Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) framework I provide a broader definition of workplace learning;  one that encompasses all learning experiences that take place in the organisation – not just those that are organised and managed by L&D – but ones that happen as a result of individuals and teams working together on a daily basis.

By supporting all these types of learning experiences, a modern day L&D department can have a more central role in the organisation – and no longer being seen as just “order takers” (for courses) – but as trusted advisers to the business, who are available to provide guidance and support for both ad hoc and continuous performance improvement.

The successful L&D departments of the future will therefore be those that can rise to this challenge – but it does means changes,  In a recent CLO magazine, CLOs as Agents of Change,  Rob Lauber, CLO at McDonald’s Corp talking about the new role of L&D, said (my emboldening) …

“The role has shifted over the years, from leader of a portfolio of training elements to enabler of learning,” he said. “More than anything else, it’s a shift in mindset.

However, Modern Workplace Learning means a shift in mindset all round – not just for L&D – but for the whole organisation; managers as well as individuals.

But it’s not a matter of waiting for the change in mindsets to happen before you start your new work; it means starting your new work to bring about this change in mindsets.

In particular it means working with teams and groups (In new ways) to support their continuous learning and performance improvement. How do you do that? You can find out more in the following online workshops:

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