Supporting Social Learning in the Organisation

slpp20Yesterday, I participated in an #exploresocial Twitter chat. Here are some of my tweets and links I shared, in answer to the question, what is the role of L&D in social learning?

My first tweet was …

I said “mostly get out of the way” because many teams are already doing this very nicely for themselves, and don’t need any interference or monitoring ..

Sometimes, teams need a helping hand to get started, but the goal is to get in, help them and then get out of the way as quickly as possible, not stay around to monitor their activities, and L&D can do this by …

I use the Guided Social Learning approach to get things going – so that people first “learn out loud” and then move onto “working out loud”. Here’s how I helped the Pfizer Sales team in India.

Helping people become social, does need to be done only by those who know what it is to be social.  Social learning isn’t something you make other people do.

What’s more trying to force people to be social – especially in a command and control environment – doesn’t work too well!

Autonomy is very important in (social) learning …

Here are some thoughts about social learning that I shared back in 2012:

But there’s another Beware! Beware encouraging over-social, over-sharing, as this only creates too much noise. So leaderboards actually only show who is being the loudest, not the value they are bringing to the team or group. Social activity DOESN’T equal learning! AND at the end of the day, the most important thing is how it has helped job/team/business PERFORMANCE.

Want to read more? Here’s my Social Learning Handbook 2014 (available as paperback or PDF)

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