5 must-reads posts from September 2014

thinking-272677_640This is a quick post this month (as I do my usual must-reads of the previous month).  This month I am simply going to point to 5 posts that I came across last month that might make you think. (All my tweeted links from September appear here.)

  1. “How can you motivate workers? You can’t.”
    Six FAQs, Bob Marshall
  2. “Engagement” – the most meaningless metric in social media”
    Engagement, Freddy J Nager
  3. “More companies are hiring from the outside rather than growing their own talent from within. This in turn has led to declining tenure among employees, who are more willing to jump ship.”
    What employers really want? Workers they don’t have to train, The Washington Post
  4. “Boredom is the secret ailment of large-scale organisations”
    The best leader are insatiable learners, HBR Blog Network
  5. “Workers conceal their most creative thinking and problem solving from management when they feel scrutinized, because they fear retribution for not following carefully prescribed norms”
    Why we hide some of our best work, HBR Blog Networks

15 thoughts on “5 must-reads posts from September 2014

  1. Steve Penfold

    Hi Jane, some interesting posts there. I particularly liked the HBR post around transparency between managers and workers; “Managers think they’re seeing more in an utterly transparent environment, but they actually end up seeing less”. An interesting observation that not many managers consider I suspect.

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